Monday, November 17, 2014

Growing papaya, a closer look (update no 1)

Papaya is betik in our language. It's a short lived plant,  The first attempt in Putrajaya way back in 2009 and 2010 lasted to the end, died due to termites attack. It had given numerous fruits during its healthy life. Another attempt in 2011, of five papaya in Tanah Merah Kelantan was much shorter simply because we moved to Pasir Gudang, but we did enjoy a few fruits...

Now we are germinating papaya seeds for Seri Iskandar home, the house we would eventually settle down soon. We will wait for the seedlings to toughen a little bit with 8 - 12 leaves. We cannot be planting more than 15 seedlings due to limited space.

Now we are baby sitting the little seedlings.....

Papaya seedlings

Papaya seedlings - three leaves

Papaya seedlings - 3 leaves 

Papaya seedlings, 4 leaves

Harvest of the day : KALE
Harvest of the day: ONION LEAVES

Early Sunday morning, we pulled out kale and onions. They looked fresh, and lunch was very much home garden based.

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  1. Salam bang chik, i have a bunch of betik seedlings grew in my compost bin. they are very healthy i dont want to destroy them. instead, i'm planning to transfer then to a better planting plot. however, i dont know how to identify which one is 'betina' and which one is 'jantan'. do you knw how? care to share? tq

    1. wassalam........ the experts say female/betina somehow have more of five-lobes leaves at early stage 8- 12 leaves. Males/jantan has more of 3-lobes leaves...

  2. my parents always had papaya trees, so did I when I was in Singapore.

    1. yup... papaya trees are ever ready to grow in tropical climate.


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