Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A day of Zinnia.

Zinnia keeps coming back to our little garden. It can really reseeds itself around the base of the mother plant when the old plant is drying out.  The problem with reseeding is that we just cant tell, with little seedlings what colour would the flowers eventually be.
To the left of our car porch, there is an area dedicated to Zinnia. There were of different colours; white, pink, creamy, purple, red and light orange when we first started it. After a cycle, reseeding began to take place. We are used to see flowers with multiple petals layering themselves to the centre, almost like a crown.
Lately, our zinnia evolve into simple plants, producing single layer flowers.
I am not too sure, if the plants can still produce beautiful layered flowers like their grandmother plants.

 Today, is a day of Zinnia assembled in three parts.

Part One

 A bud

A little flower

A pair of Zinnia

A single flower

Part Two

almost white spiky petals

spiky petals

unfolding its petals

a flower with two more at a distance

a single flower

three in a row

Part Three

baby flower


sharp petals emerging

new and old

half way through

A pair 



  1. Dear Bangchik,
    your camera is very steadfast and sensuos in the way it photographs the smallest wonders:-)


  2. Tradgardsmakare Hillevissan... Thanks for the compliments. Beauty has its own secret. I just wish to explore beauty that appears in the garden. Even the most ordinary thing has its own specific beauty. Sadly beauty is very much time related. Beauty fades and forgotten. Photographs help to freeze the sensous moment of beauty.
    Cheers, let's explore the most secretive beauty in the garden!

  3. I love flowers, especially purple ones. Your photos capture the metamorphisis of the zinnias.

  4. I love zinnias, but the plant can't last very long, can they?..

  5. Noelle.... Purple is royal in some regions, therefore must be very special.

    Aaron.... Thanks, the many layered petals are even lovelier.

    Kitchen flavours... Yes, the plant doesn't last long. But the blooming time is a lot longer than marigolds.

    Cheers, bangchik.

  6. Zinnia... ha ha... I still remember you told me not to give up on them. You are right! They may appear different each time but same measure of surprise each time ;-) Fun flower to have!


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