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Sunday, April 20, 2014

The end of a phase. - Bakawali

Bakawali flower buds decided to bloom the same night on 11th of April 2014.  We didn't take the pots inside to view the blooming process. However, the night earlier, we did take one small pot in, enjoying the fragrance of one blooming bakawali.  When all the five flowers bloomed the following night, we went out once a while to view the beauty and fragrance. The bakawali giveaways kept by Farah our eldest daughter in Jitra also bloomed the same night. And so did another plant kept by Siti in Bangi.  I suppose plants talk to their siblings and plan for blooming surprise at three different locations.

I took pictures the next morning, 
when flowering process was all over. 
The stalks limped, 
by sheer pull of gravity.

12th April 2014 - a day after blooming, all five

12th April 2014 - a day after blooming, all five

After a week, the whole flower from stalk to petals dry up.
 It would be a matter of time before the whole thing drop off 
as residue of beauty and exotic fragrance.

19th April 2014 - a week after blooming

19th April - a week after blooming

Dry Bakawali flower 19th April 2014
- dry stalk in focus
Dry Bakawali flower 19th April 2014
- dry flower in focus

Dry Bakawali flower - a week after blooming

It is at this stage, that bakawali flowers are said to have medicinal value.  
 I have never tried though

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