Saturday, April 24, 2010

The joy of a harvest.

second harvest on a plate

second harvest spread on the table 
~to be added in fried rice, fried noodles, soups and curry.

ubi kayu
on the dry yard. The tile is 1x1foot square
~can be boiled or sliced and fried into chips.

veggies from containers
now in a bowl..
~can be fried or steamed for a lovely dinner

eggplants, chili and spinach.
on a plastic plate.
~this will definitely lasts for a week

Those of us who grow our own vegetables appreciate the meaning of abundance. Gardening is about understanding the factors promoting growth, about elements causing unhealthy plants and lower produce. In the end, a harvest is a joyous moment. For the two of us, the harvest is plentiful, and certainly a joyful and gratifying moment. 

How's your harvest?

Putrajaya Malaysia


  1. This looks like a delicious harvest - you will have some lovely meals from this I can see! I intend to grow just enough for my husband and myself (hopefully!) and any glut can always be given to friends and neighbours.

    I love the photos of your sunflowers and the information about cabbages is very interesting. Thank you Bangchik.

    Happy weekend,


  2. Wonderful harvest Bangchik and I'm sure you'll be looking forward to meal times this week once Kakdah gets her hands on the produce - I notice that you pick your tomatoes alot earlier than us in the UK we like them alittle more red before picking - maybe its because you will be using them in a stirfry?

  3. MMMMMMMMM!!!! I'm so hungry now! Your produce looks heavenly. I especially love your eggplants. Wonderful harvest!

  4. I have to admit I have never eaten an Egg plant so i do not know if I like them but they are so pretty to look at. What does the ubi kayu taste like? Your tomatoes make my mouth water. They looks so yummy. Have a wonderful weekend.

  5. hi Banchik, the ubi kayu looks interesting, sort of what we would call a sweet potato? enjoy your harvest and may your family have a lovely weekend!

  6. Looks so yummy and can all be added together for a feast of the senses or a great salad :)

  7. I am looking at a bird nest on one of my tree.

    There are four eggs inside.

    I am waiting to see the baby birds.

    This will be my harvest.

  8. I love a plate of fresh tomatoes! And those eggplant look like I could reach right into the screen and grab one :D

  9. I wonder what Kakdah is going to cook-up. Mesti sedap.

  10. My harvest is not yet planted. Your wonderful harvest makes me anxious to get started in my vegetable garden. This weekend I will plant the cool-weather crops such as lettuce and peas.

  11. I think my post may have vanished! Your eggplants are marvelous. :)

  12. Bangchik, congratulations on the fruits of your labor. It really is very rewarding, isn't it. They look so healthy. It looks like no pests are really roaming in your area. Wonderful job!

  13. ~Cottage Garden
    Jeanne, Harvest is always more than enough. Thanks for your lovely comments. Sunflowers really brighten up our little garden. Kids are stopping and coming close to the sunflowers. They are counting the number and tell kakdah what they have counted.

    ~Rosie leavesnbloom
    The urge to pick them is so great, that they cant get to real red!

    Talk about purple, nothing can beat eggplant. So royal!

    ~Hocking Hills Gardener
    Ubi kayu taste like sweet potato. a close cousin of sweet potato, but the plant stand up tall with woody stem.

    Grandma used to narrate stories of hardship during war time. Ubi kayu was their staple food then.

    ~Poetic Shutterbug
    kakdah can sometime be very creative with her cooking. She has plans even before the harvest. Sometime she just pack them up into the fridge.

    Anything that can be picked from a plant or tree is harvest. A fruit or a bird or an egg is a harvest!..

    Putrajaya Malaysia

  14. ~Kyna
    haha... you can always grab one out of the screen.

    ~Ocean Girl
    Kakdah special menu always come over weekends

    Good luck to your lettuce. I fail each time at germination. Do you have tips?

    ~Rebecca @ In The Garden
    a vanished post?.. what do you mean?. If i can point what makes eggplant so special.. it must be the roundness and royal purple.

    putrajaya malaysia

  15. ~Andrea
    Thanks.., there are pests around here actually. Grasshoppers mainly, since not many birds come around to eat them. Aphids pay us a visit from time to time.

    Yea, Kakdah definitely loves these, to try out her specialty. The boys will be around over weekends to taste.

    Putrajaya Malaysia

  16. YUM! Lovely and mouth-watering vegetables.

  17. ~AaronVFT
    Thanks for the visit and comment. haha.. please don not including chili in your list of mouth watering vegetables..



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