Saturday, September 18, 2010

A pink rose, the most delicate.

sweet rose outside the window of MIL.

This is an ordinary rose with softest and the most delicate pink colour and flowers with limited layer of petals. The flower is not big, we can cup it and it is not bigger than the palm itself. We have a few in our garden. This is the mother plant in MIL place. We took a few cuttings and grew them in Putrajaya a few years back. . The mother plant in MIL place is growing well for decades, whereas ours are struggling in  urban setting. I have forgotten when was the last time our roses bloom. Yes we cant win all the time.

I am trying to figure out,
what does a rose plant require
beyond what we have provided.

update:  the name is   "Paneer rose" in Tamilnadu (thanks tech guru)


  1. That pink rose is beautiful; I hope yours will flower soon as well. It looks like a dog rose (rosa canina), and not the usual one.
    As far as I know, roses require lots of sun, everything else is optional.

  2. Hi Bangchik. What a lovely little rose. The blooms do look so delicate. Very pretty. Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. Hi Bangchik, My next door neighbour's pink rose is always flowering. They don't take any care of it. The only thing they do is prune off the dead flowers. After a while it blooms again. It's simple for some people.

  4. Dear Bangchik, "Delicate" is the perfect word to describe this beautiful rose. Pam

  5. It's a pretty cute rose Bangchik! Love the soft colour. I think all plants will just love the spacious environment of the rural area where is free flowing of air etc. In urban setting... I agree... is a struggle. I would love to know also what a rose require to flourish well. But I think rose kampung is best planted into the ground... just an observation of those beautiful rose bush I see along the way. Enjoy your beautiful garden and the weekend yeah. Oh, thanks for telling me about that admirable bonsai you saw in Japan ;-D

  6. Bangchik,
    Just wanna share with you. milk and some crushed eggshells will do miracles to your rose plants :)
    Happy weekends.


  7. milk and crushed eggshell... MMM... interesting...

  8. vrtlarica
    -I guess that's what our plants are missing, lot of sun. They are now in shady area.

    Hocking Hills Gardener
    -Thanks for the visit. Wondersful weekend to you too.

    -you are right about it. Easy for some. I spend too much time babysitting vegetables... haha.

    - they are cute delicate little pink rose.... they smell nice.

  9. Steph.
    - putting them on the ground is the best. I can imagine the freedom roots will be having, going as far as they can, to get water and nutrient. I can only offer pots to these lovely rose plants.

    -Tiny little roses, delicate and smell nice too.

    -Thanks, I will do that and see the changes.

    -Roses are quite fussy about food. Milk and crushed eggshell.

    have a great weekend!

  10. It is the perfect rose. Delicate, pastel, soft and lovely.

  11. Poetic Shutterbug
    Pink is sweet for a rose.

  12. Hi,
    That beautiful delicate pink rose is called "Paneer rose" in Tamilnadu, India. The scent made from it is also called Paneer and is sprinkled on auspicious occasions.

    Thanks. Now I have to stop referring to that plant as "that tiny pink rose" while talking to Kakdah. Paneer rose is a nice name. ~bangchik

  14. I kept wondering if 'paneer' is for roses that has strong damask scent as I was being told that the bigger version of that little pink rose is also called 'paneer rose' in India - the bigger version is used in making rose water.

    Then "paneer" is probably the right name. Kakdah loves to identify her roses and orchids by colours. She would say, "my pink rose, my red orchid, my white periwinkle..."...

  16. I have the same plant very big in my balcony. first 2 years It had lots of bundle of flowers but now it stopped flowering . I think lacks of direct sunlight. even though I am living in Dubai, the huge buildings nearby blocking sunlight. very sad. but the plant is still growing, lots of new branches but no flowers.


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