Friday, June 25, 2010

The old papaya bids farewell.

Trees can go to hundred years, outlasting humans on resilience... Some smaller plants last for a year or so... some over a few months. Spinach push hard at early stage, and become matured within days..... Papaya seem to last for a few years.  The effect of termite treatment on our old papaya really hurt the roots and lower stem. They seem to be giving way and rot.  After some deliberation, we decided  to bring the towering plant down.  A new plant has been planted not too far away, ready to take over...

Generally termites will search for dead woods and chew them. But in dry season, termites do attack diseased  and weaker  plants. It seems that they go for exotic crops rather indigenous crops. (click here for further info TERMITES IN AGROECOSYSTEMS). I guess our tall and old papaya fits that well, being very exotic, getting old and weakening.

The papaya stem 
cut into shorter lengths 
and later chopped further 
as composting material.

the stump dug out.
the area was further sprayed with termite poison

the new papaya plant 
just a metre away ready to take over. 
I really hope the new plant is not male.

Now I am thinking what to do with them, the stack of stems.
I am still following strictly my fundamental on gardening. 
What's organic here must stay....


  1. How lucky you are to be able to grow such exotic fruit.

  2. How long in your climate before it will bear fruit?


  3. Interesting post, what is old makes way for what is new. I'm sure you will come up with something artistic and lovely for the old plant, I look forward to seeing what becomes of it.

  4. I'm sorry for your loss. Once termites hit, it's almost impossible to keep. Your replacement looks strong and healthy. I still haven't replaced mine.

  5. It is always sad to see a plant dying because of termites and other pests. I hope that your new papaya plant will bring you lots of sweet juicy fruits.

  6. I have a corner of my yard set aside for wood to rot before it's ready for the composter. Some of the wood has been there for years!

  7. It's always sad to lose an established member of the garden. I hope your replacement won't take too long to bare fruit.

  8. Sorry for your loss, but hope the new papaya grows well for you.

  9. keewee ~ thanks, but i want to grow grapes, and berries too....

    Muddy Boot Dreams ~ it should bear fruit within the first year...

    Rebecca @ In The Garden ~ at the moment the cut stems remain there. I have not chopped then into smaller pieces for composting yet. They look good as edging as well.... haha ... i am still thinking.

  10. Kimberly ~ the little one has been growing in pot for quite some time. Now that it is set free, the growth is really picking up.

    my little potted garden ~ Gardeners are constantly reminded about life cycle, basically about birth and death. It is alright, new plants will re[lace the old ones.

    rainfield61 ~ bye and selamat tinggal.

  11. JGH ~ but papaya stem is not really woody...

    Curbstone Valley Farm ~ we got to live without old papaya as focal point for now...

    AaronVFT ~ life on earth is never permanent. It is alright to lose one, and have another to replace.

  12. Very neat on the papaya stem. It is hollow inside due to termites or due to normal growth? I think you did the right thing in replacing it. Good luck with the new one!

  13. Fingers crossed your new papaya plant does well. How poignant to see the end of one life and the beginning of another so close together. The circle of life goes on. x

  14. tina ~ Papaya stem is always hollow inside, but not too excesive as bamboo. When the stem was cut, termites were seen walking about in the long tunnel....

    Carrie ~ There is a malay proverb "patah tumbuh hilang berganti". The new will replace....

  15. don't remember papaya trees have termites in Singapore and Sibu. But in Sibu, we had floods in Dec The trees die.

  16. tina

    Thanks Tina and Ann. Termites go after exotic plants, when there are no more food (or rather wood) available.

  17. hari ni saya tumbangkan pokok betik saya di halaman rumah. bahagian dalam batang nampak lembut dan berair .bau pun tak kuat macam bau akarnya. saya teringin nak tau apa agaknya kandungan kimia bhg itu ,khasiatnya mungkin lebih dari bahagian lain pokok. kalau akar dikatakan berkhasiat, tentu batangnya lebih lagi. ada kemungkinankah bahagian itu bertoksid ?

    1. Saya tak berani nak cakap hal itu. Kalau pun ada khasiat mungkin cebisan khasiat itu terhimpun dalam buah yang kita makan.... Betik muda mampu melembutkan daging yang direbus, itu antara khasiat yang pernah dicuba.


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