Friday, January 28, 2011

Growing roselle: when they bloom

The name Roselle is feminine, the beautiful pinkish flower is definitely feminine too. There goes our attempt on Roselle in Tanah Merah, Kelantan displaying pinkish flowers all over the seven plants.  I try to compare the flowers here with Putrajaya, I thought the pink is heavier and more pronounced here. Weather play a trick  probably.

I remembered about a reader from Kota Bharu and another one from Hongkong asking for roselle seeds. I posted them on Sunday 23rd of January. Sorry for the long delay. Patience will see roselle germinating, growing and flowering. So for the two readers, from the date of sowing, roselle will take about 3 months to bloom with pinkish smile.

So, within a week, Kakdah may enjoy roselle juice with Eisya, the little girl staying right in front of our house.

 roselle flower,
a view from behind.

 roselle flower

 roselle flower
 roselle flower
roselle flower
a front view, displaying the glowing red...

The flowers will close up and drop off later in the day. Then fruits start to get bigger. I wasn't lavish with fertiliser these few weeks, but somehow the fruits, or roselle form well.

row of flowering roselle
picture taken early in the morning, last week.

row of 7 roselle plants
picture taken today, around 6pm. The fruits are forming well.

row of 7 roselle
early December 2010, very small then.

bangchik and kakdah
menanam roselle di Tanah Merah, Kelantan


  1. Sweet roselle doing so well! You've certainly got more than green fingers!!

  2. Their flowers are more peachy than pinkish Bangchik, so lovely and they look so nice in a row. Im waiting for mine to bloom too..How do you make the juice from the fruit, since its going to be my first time.

  3. These are absolutely beautiful, I would love to grow them even for the flowers alone. I am surprised that they have not been popularized as ornamentals yet.

  4. What a nice treat for Eisha. I would also like to know how roselle juice taste like. I would like to try growing this plant as well. But it might be to late now.As we are going to enter mid-summer soon.

  5. Blossoms quite beautiful...I like the darker veins showing in the petals! Curious now to see the fruit and see what Kakdah does with the fruit!

  6. Bankchik,
    Your fingers are shinning green. Any plant can grow so well in your garden. Your house was so empty but look at it now, filled with so many beautiful and usuable plants!

    I'm not good in blogging and gardening and i appreciate your visit to my blog and those comments. Thank you very much, they keep me going :)

  7. Keats The Sunshine Girl
    My fingers are heavily tanned... haha... am so glad roselle grow well.

    You are right, the colour being more peachy than pinkish... juice is simple. Peel off the outer skin, or calyx and boil. Sieve, to get the juice.... The residue can be further boil with sugar to get jam.... to get the right sweetness, add sugar to the juice... You can refer to my earlier post under the label ROSELLE.

    College Gardener
    The flowers are as beautiful as any other exotic flowers... Being a family of hibiscus, flowers are just for the day....

    Yeap.., pretty flowers and lovely juice and jam.

    Malay-Kadazan girl
    Roselle juice is indescribable... plain heaven.. haha. You can grow them next season.... How lucky we are living here.., able to grow any plants, anytime of the year.

    I will wait for the fruits to get a little bit bigger... then they will deserve a post..., "Roselle juice and jam"!

    In fact I want to grow more... but the space is limiting my enthusiasm... haha. My fingers still brown by the way. Yes, plants are being nice to me and kakdah..., they keep growing and grinning green.

  8. Beautiful flowers my friend... my fingers are itching to try out this plant...

  9. When I was back home in Malaysia, I grow lots and lots of Roselle. One thing about Roselle is that this plant is hardy. So it is quite easy to grow them. We used to make juice out of it and it tasted like a Ribenna drink. Then best part is after extracting the juice out of the fruit I used the leftover to make a Jam out of it. Just at some sugar and a bit of water it will taste like a strawberry Jam. Give it a try!

  10. Your roselle are very happy in your new garden. They grow very fast too! I guess to make some roselle juice, you do need quite a lot of fruits, my hopes are dashed, if I grow only one, there will not be enough of fruits. And I do not have the space to grow so many of this plants! Sigh..... will just admire your plants and drool at Kad Dah's roselle juice!! ^..^

  11. Those look very similar to Hibiscus flowers, and they are beauty.

    How lovely.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  12. The photography in this article is simply lovely!
    I appreciate the detailed instructions, too.
    Warm Regards,
    Chock-Full of Seeds

  13. Love the delicate, pinkish blooms. They are so pleasant to look at. I just can't find them here.

  14. Is it same as the Allamanda, which comes in a pink shade and also yellow. It looks quite the same to me. Beautiful pictures.

  15. Hi bangchik,
    I have an award for you over at my site. Please drop by to pick it up when you can. Thank you!

  16. wan salmah
    kitchen flavours
    Muddy Boot Dreams
    Chock-Full of Seeds
    Ever Green Tree

    Thanks everyone for the visit and comments. On the specific question on allamanda .., they are not related to roselle. Allamanda has tougher flower. Roselle is so soft, paperlike flowers.... On Award by Kitchen flavours.., thanks and i will soon write out something..


  17. Hi. I'm a student at Universiti Malaysia Kelantan and I'm planning to plant roselle for my company's business. Is there any tips for planting this plant as gardening is a new experience for me. Thx

  18. Miriam
    If you go into details and pin on exactness of science.., that would probably be beyond me. I grow plants like any other home gardeners just like mothers making curry, we never go for exactness, a-z specification. Everything is "secukup rasa".. On tips, you can flick through the label on "roselle". Good Luck to your adventure.

  19. Thx :) Can I know where can I get seeds or stem cuttings for roselle? :)

  20. ...Miriam
    How many do you need? I may be able to supply and post to you.

  21. Erm.. maybe around 10 to 20 seeds? Because I plan to try out roselle planting before going for bulk planting. How much will it cost? Thx

  22. ...Miriam.
    Dont worry, I can post 20 seeds. leave your address at my email
    It would be worthwhile if you can try other variety before embarking on something big. Always choose the best.

    The variety I am growing should do fine, already tested at many places, first in Perak, then Putrajaya and now Kelantan.

    ok... leave ur address at the email.


  23. Hi, can you spare me some seeds for me to grow in my little garden? TQ.

    1. Hello mylittlevegetablegarden,

      I love to grow some roselle plant for the beauty of the flower. So simple and elegant! Do you supply roselle seed oversea?


    2. H....You leave the address at


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