Monday, March 13, 2017

Leucaena (Petai Belalang), a player in garden sustainability.

A young lady Nor Hidayah came to the office last week for her doctoral research. I was chosen as her expert panel for professional inputs, which I gladly accepted, to ease out her quest for knowledge. The central issue is sustainability.  While going through the discussion, I pointed out FOREST as the best example of sustainability, the fact that forest exist within a system that is self propelled.  We may emulate contributing factors in forest sustainability into other systems.

This particular post is about Leucaena, which many would happily regard as a nuisance, or invasive.  Folks around here call it as petai belalang.  I on the hand place Leucaena as a treasure. Leucana has small leaves which would fall off from time to time. So small the leaves, that they blend well with grass underneath and decay in no time, adding organic matter to the soil. Some snails may venture out at night munching leaves on the ground, and probably leave poos behind , again as first class  organic fertiliser in ready form.  And that is a recipe for sustainability.

Pic 1: Leucaena alongside Moringa, both with fine leaves
behaving like deciduous trees,
dropping leaves regularly as agent of organic matter

Pic 2: These leucaena had been pruned twice already.
In the wild, Leucaena will be very bushy.

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  1. That's good idea to have self providing organic matters trees!

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  3. Such a beautiful garden. xx Matron

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  6. Interesting.. .I wonder if Leucaena plants can grow in our place too. We should be using fertilizers instead of the chemical ones.

  7. Leucaena is a great tree. It fixes nitrogen, provides shade, feeds animals and breaks down quickly into compost. Good post - I love the way you're keeping them cut. I need to use them more on my own property.

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  10. Looks great! this is nice and this article is very helpful
    thanks for sharing

  11. And i am that young lady. Hehe.. to adapt nature sustainability into man made system is definitely a fresh idea that came out from the interview. Thank you so much Tn Hj Azizi.
    As for the Leucaena sp. Its a wonderful plant with hidden benefits.i believe it also has a medicinal value, if im not mistaken.

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