Wednesday, March 21, 2012

GROWING CHILI on a large scale.

It's a large scale farming adventure, of 4000 chili kulai and solok variety at Lubok Joh, labok Kelantan. It's a primarily an entrepreneurial endeavor on a rented 2 acre plot. Selected youths took part under the supervision of an experienced farmer Wan Azua. The project was initiated middle of last year, as we were busy with rooftop gardening  in Tanah Merah KelantanThe project was rolled out in October last year towards the end of my stay in Kelantan, and five months later it is showing clear sign of success.The final success of this project hinged on the number of entrepreneurs that can be developed. And we also try to devise a mechanism that the project benefits community in a lot of ways. 

I was invited to the harvest festival. 
Both of us turned up, myself and Kakdah. 
It was both satisfying and fun.

it's a rain free environment, 
with clear plastic sheet as roof

The two acre plot is fenced up as protection against goats and cows.

Kakdah and Wan Azua
Kakdah was discussing with Wan Azua. 
We know him quite well. 
He is a computer expert, graduated from US, 
worked for 5 years with international company as an engineer, 
then quit to be a full time farmer.

the young entrepreneurs
 learning the trick of marketing.
 They will soon understand that farming is not only about toiling with soil,
 in fact it ends with how much can be sold.

weighing chili

weighing chili

rows of chili

rows of chili

rows of chili

lot of chili

one red chili out of many

this is chili solok, 
a variety which is very popular in Kelantan

chili / Lada solok

chili, they hang nicely



lada solok

chili kulai

Harvest Festival 19th March 2012
Lowland Farming at Lubok Joh, Labok kelantan. 
About 200 people turned up.

a speech by Wan Zul

Wan Zul, cutting the ribbon

One red chili among the greens.
The produce is 2000 kilo for the first month, it is expected to increase reaching the peak in May to almost 4000 kilo a month. When monsoon comes later in the year, they will reap maximum profit, as price may easily double, and most open farming would succumb to rain badly....

We took home 5 kilos of lada solok and 15 kilos of chili kulai. I am happy to see the farming project going on well and bear fruits. I am sure it will create ripples and benefit the whole community in a big way. Such project has a glimpse of "dare to dream" element in it. Over here in Johor, we will embark on similar project on 2000 chili as starter which will later evolve into large scale farming on a 10 acre plot next year. Our associate Tengku Nadzion will be heading the project. I wish Tengku Nadzion and his team GOOD LUCK on  a noble and very enterprising endeavor of 2000 chili centil. Planting will be done end of March.

 bangchik and kakdah


  1. that's a success story for chilli! The chillies look so healthy!
    Well done to the team!

  2. I am happy for them, project going on well, the youngsters are able to be part of a commercial scale agro adventure. And the community is feeling it........ FAMA, MARDI and Agriculture Department are eyeing that project closely.... Certificate of Good Farming Practice or Sijil Amalan Ladang Baik Malaysia is on the way for the project.

  3. Wow.
    I always thought chilli was always impossible to grow as they always succumb to pest and shivelled leaf problems (fungus)
    But when I saw this farm - I really know now that nothing is impossible.
    I was amazed to know that a computer engineer quit his job just to go back on farming - surely his passion must be great.

  4. Like any other plants, chili can go big scale. When it's commercial, they look at angle, fertilisers, water, and how best to combat pests. It's almost a science in itself.
    Being a farmer, isn't too bad a profession. Productivity is really within our control..., we can do 2 acres, 10 acres, or 100 acres. Income multiplies conveniently....

  5. very interesting about renting the area. My friend and i have bungalow plots in the Nilai area. We have it for more than 10 years, and unlikely build. Do you think any one will want to rent it to plant?

    1. consider on ON, Ann. we will discuss further through emails

    2. Hi Ann. Do you have the land vacant still by any chance now?

  6. What would be the cost of planting chilli kulai on 2 acres of land and how much per acre would the harvest be?

  7. i have 5 acres agricultural land available for rental in semenyih. close to town and shops and residential areas. if anyone interested, pls email me at

  8. Would like to know more about this project, I have a vacant land in Penang, would like to venture into this business

  9. Would like to know more about this project, I have a vacant land in Penang, would like to venture into this business

  10. I have a vacant land in Kuching Sarawak. Get in touch if interested.


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