Thursday, September 1, 2011

It's tough to get it growing...

Hibiscus is easiest to propagate through cuttings. Stevia is alright too, only we got to be extremely patient over a month before it gets rooted. This particular flowering plant had been testing my patience for months. We took a few cuttings from Mother in Law's garden, many months ago. Out of 10 or so, one finally survive and now flowering.

 I would call the colour as metallic light blue. Looking at the colour closely, one can imagine the colour of an antique car, with  metallic light blue paintwork.

Cape Plumbago  is learning to be fanciful
with it's first set of flowers......  The plant is still in shade,
therefore there is a real need for a good sun bathing
for real flowering bonanza.
In a few weeks time, it should be ready.

 The background is lettuce, getting very big now.
Cape Plumbago

 pale blue
Cape Plumbago

shifting the lens towards sun, blue becomes whiter.
Cape Plumbago

bangchik and kakdah


  1. I have plumbago, too. A sun bathing definitely brings out all the flowers.

  2. I have this type too! They have gone dormant and i don't know why....
    I have trid stem cuttings but in failure...sigh...

  3. Hello Bangchik and Kakdah, i thought Plumbago is easy to care for! Ours just stay there without much efforts from us.

  4. I had this plant before. Mine was not growing well and eventually it died! Yours look healthy and the flowers are really pretty!

  5. Hi. Where can we get stevia in Malaysia? I'd love to get some. Does it have a Malay name?

  6. Stevia is widely available in nurseries around Klang Valley nowadays...I'm not so fond about flower plants as much as I am about edible greens...maybe when I finalize my aquaponic setup I'll leave some room to try grow flower plants via aquaponic.

  7. Hibiscus really hates me because my cuttings always fail to survive. Roses are easier for me. Love the plumbago. I always wonder about the sticky sap near the calyx until I learnt that it was a protocarnivorous plant.

  8. Very pretty flowers, and the lettuce makes a perfect background.

  9. Plant chaser
    ~ We just put it outside, to bath.

    ~ yea, plants have minds of their own, and the will to live too.

    ~ they will grow when they are happy, and needs met.

    Kitchen flavours
    ~ i hope this one will keep growing until we can propagate..


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