Monday, July 11, 2011

Tomato tears of joy.

No rain last night, so  the air was dense and heavy. In the morning  I saw tears of joy, crystal clear , so beautiful. Tomato must be happy indeed to last this long. It's like saying "Thank You". Both plants are doing alright, no wilting, with pear shaped fruits......

tomato, ripen happily, and the tears of joy.

tomato on another plant

When the skin of tomato is cool, the moisture in the air condenses on the surface, and as the air gets warmer, it will evaporate to where it comes from. Its  more of tears of joy than dew.

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  1. What a beautiful picture! Indeed, tears of joy. We would have tears of joy too if it ever rains again. But it's nice to see such happy tomatoes.

  2. Beautifu pictures of lovely tomatoes. :)

  3. Oh, so sweet. If there's going to be tears let them be tears of joy!

  4. Nice plum tomatoes !
    I guessing plum anyway.
    So what are they called ?

  5. The tears of joy for being eaten by you.

  6. cantik nya tomato ceri... ;p

  7. Are those cherry tomatoes? They really look so lovely!

  8. So cute so lovely it is still my number 1 favourite to plant in the garden

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  10. Salaam Bang Chik & Kak Dah.... outta u use any pesticide of fungicide for these lovely healthy plants... i have tried tomatoes several times in the d moment there r two growing...err surviving still...but in the past... they always died out on me...usually while on the verge of fruiting...!!

  11. When looked at in that way, it's poetry in a tomato! I would be so worried if we didn't have our occasional rainstorms. So far the tomato plants have been doing fine in this heat.

  12. LindaCTG ~ Hopefully rain will visit your place.There is joy around us, even with the most mundane of things. Tomato is ever ready, to make someone happy.

    Rebecca @ In The Garden ~ tomato is always exciting to watch.

    rmgales ~ yea, in a way, plants; tomato in this case has abundance of joy to exhibit.

    Patsi ~ I dont know the variety. It could be plum as you mentioned. With tomato, Kakdah will scoop out the soft jelly like center for the seeds, whenever there is a need to grow them, seldom from seed packet.

    rainfield61 ~ I guess tomato will be sad, if no one like to eat them.

    ejaMaria ~ dalam gambar mesti la cantik....!

  13. Malar ~ It's plum variety suggested by Patsi. We bought a kilo of small tomato on the last visit to Cameron Highlands. The best tomato ended as seeds specimen!

    milka ~ I can understand tomato as your favourite plant. Ours, very tall, taller than Kakdah!

    Juntaian Kesidang ~ I am still holding on to "organic immunizer", bought many years ago. Mixed 1 to 100 parts of water, then spray on the leaves. It worked with these tomato and other veggie. So far no wilting problem or other serious diseases.

    Rowena..., ~ excessive heat will fry baby plants over here.... occasional rains will heal them somehow...

  14. Salaaam Bang Chik & Kak Dah....could u please share...watz d name of this 'organic immunizer'...n watizit called...n where can i buy it from n.... errrmmm how much wud it cost me...??? Thanx zillions n zillions....wassalaaam.

  15. harvesting the fruits of your own labor is one of the happiest part of gardening, congratulations!

  16. Sometimes, the dew sits at the ends of the leaves like a jeweled crown. We are all so lucky to see these things and make note of them.

  17. Great pic. Very pretty "tears of joy".

  18. Beautiful tomatoes...I like "tears of joy"....I have these tears too when I eat a tomato grown in a real garden!

  19. Lovely tomatoes and I am sure they will be tasty, too.

  20. Wish we have red tomatoes now, but it will be difficult to get them ripen here in winter. Do you have problem with the tomato skin split or cracking?

  21. Wow!

    Everyone's blog that I have visited who's talked about their tomatoes, they are all doing good.

    The leaves on mine are turning yellow, and then I need to find a stick to hold up the side that's drooping, since the two that I have are getting too big. I guess I should be glad they are at least growing.

    Anyway, congratulations!

  22. NotSoAngryRedHead ~ thanks.

    Juntaian Kesidang ~ nutri product. They sell foliar fertiliser too. I bought a gallon, about RM100 years ago, and still a quarter left. Go to Agro shop... or get it from Flora show putrajaya...

    Andrea ~ as always, thanks to nature (and God) for the fruits.

    Wendy ~ yes. the ugly ones are left out.

    Sara ~ yea, there will be dew hanging at the edge of banana and keladi leaves.

    Kim and Victoria ~ thanks, i thought plants do have emotions, only we dont understand.

    Theanne and Baron ~ Glad to see you back here..., its joy everywhere...

    Nicole ~ they are crunchy!

    Malay-Kadazan girl ~ so far no skin splitting. Probably the leaves protecting them against scorching heat.

    ZZ's Garden ~ yea, tomato needs trellis support, otherwise it will crawl.

  23. Yeah, I'm going to look around for a twig or something, and hope that helps.

  24. love tomatoes. but haven't got much luck growing them.

  25. ZZ's Garden
    ~ Hope your trellis works well.

    ~ Keep on trying, one day you will get the technique right...


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