Thursday, April 15, 2010

The fate of sunflowers

The mother of these sunflowers gave birth to 35 seeds. Most of them are now growing. I just wonder what will happen if all seeds on this earth germinate. Likewise what if every male and female got married and have 10 children. What will really happen. Nature I guess do have safety mecahanism, able to control overcrowding, and with the concept of food chain, every explosion will be corrected and tamed.

I put our sunflowers into 3 categories. 
  • Category One: Five of them growing besides tomato plants and are doing extremely well. 
  • Category Two: Fifteen, occupying the same bed as their mother, squeezed between white chili and asin-asin. They are growing steadily, disturbed for a while by aphids, but now no more.
  • Category Three: A solo, very close to coleus, growing exactly as its mother. Growing low, with yellowish green leaves. This plant was earlier grown in a pot, while the rest are enjoying the real dirt. As the plant is increasing in height and roots developing well, I thought it would be best to set it free. But the sunflower seems to enjoy the bonsai treatment while staying in the pot. It grows lazily as its mother.
Now they are ready to flower, all of them! 
I just imagine each category will have different size of flowers
and the number of seeds..

 Category One: 
5 of them
beside tomato plants

Category Two
15 of them
beside chili plants, basil, lady's finger and asin-asin.

Category Three
Just one sunflower, going solo as its mother, besides Coleus.
They are on real colour show these coleus,
and it will not be long before that solitary sunflower,
opens up its petal exposing the SecretYellow to match the colourful foliage of coleus!

Putrajaya Malaysia


  1. I love sunflowers. They always bring all sorts of pretty birds into my yard. I've tried all different colours...:D

  2. I am anxiously waiting for my sunflowers to grow. They are about 4 inches tall right now. I hope they look like yours someday :-)

  3. I don't see many sunflowers here but am always pleasantly surprised when I do see them. They are a burst of sunshine.

  4. Very nice! I love Sunflowers! They are my favorite flower to grow!

  5. They're all looking healthy and you will soon have lots of colour in your garden.

  6. ~Kyna
    The first experience with sunflower last year, didn't seem to attract birds at all... The birds enjoyed other foods probably. Our sunflowers are yellow.

    Hopefully your sunflowers will shoot up higher than mine.

    ~Poetic Shutterbug
    We don't see many sunflowers around here too, for the moment no one is growing sunflowers in our residential area.., except in our little garden.

    They will open up shortly Talib. They seem to grow very fast, but very slow and almost sensual at opening up their lovely flowers.

    ~Jenn's Cooking Garden!
    Thanks..., sunflowers add to the character of the garden with their straight up characteristics. I don't think they will branch out.

    Yes, soon there will be a lot of yellow round fan like flowers, bending their necks following the sun across the sky. But they are all yellow.

    ~ Bangchik
    Putrajaya, Malaysia

  7. 10, 9, 8... I am counting as well.

  8. we are planting sunflowers for the first time this year. Ver nice pics and post. jim

  9. I have started anew with sunflowers -- my ones last year never had a chance to get big. I planted some giant ones and red ones (and the birds have scattered their own sunflower seeds about the yard). We'll see which ones make it. Can't wait to see your new blooms!

  10. It's so exciting to see these sunflower plants of yours growing! Good luck with the blooms :-D

  11. I love sunflowers, but I have a phobia of them since a caterpillar invasion. Hope they flower for you, and no caterpillars.

  12. No sunflowers for me this year :( I quite simply can't grow them well at the lottie far too exposed and they get blown over. But I look forward to yours - oh what happy flowers they are!! xx

  13. ~rainfield61
    It will be 2.1.0 in no time!!

    ~Jim Groble
    Growing sunflower is fun, with all the expectations... Good Luck to you Jim.

    Luckily birds around here hasn't acquired the taste of sunflower seeds. Seeds are fairly safe. Good Luck to your sunflowers.

    They will flower soon.., my first experience last year, has given adequate grasp behind sunflowers readiness to bloom. The plants are showing every indication towards blooming which is just around the corner.

    So far butterflies here prefer the lime tree at the front of the house to lay eggs. The caterpillars don't each much. No significant disruption, very much tolerable.

    The plants are too leggy to withstand strong gusts of wind, so I feel sorry for you. But do pop in into my little vegetable garden blog to experience sunflower intricate blooms.

    Putrajaya, Malaysia

  14. Oh, you will have a garden full of birds!

  15. very pretty... I bought the seeds but have not plant mine.. :)

  16. ~Tatyana@MySecretGarden
    Birds here don't seem to like sunflower seeds. May be because sunflower is not native here.. and not many grow them.

    ~Cath J
    Its prettier when it blooms, very yellow and the little florets are so perfectly arranged.

    Putrajaya, Malaysia


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