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Monday, August 6, 2012

Tendrils of markisa / passion fruits

Growing markisa is fun in itself.  We can never miss the sight of tendrils. These are little fingers of markisa. They grab on objects , circle and hold. To allow sway or movements either imposed by the weight of fruits or the gust of strong winds, tendrils has springs. They are very flexible.

baby tendril: 

tendril with end out of place

tendril, getting very brown as it matures

tendril, long and tapered loop


tendril, still winding

whenever it can get hold of objects, tendril will wind itself into little spring.

tendril grab tight

tendrils: Three tendrils interconnected

also three tendrils interconnected


tendril grab one of the stems and hold


tendrils, very springy and flexible.

A tendril is a specialised stem that is used by climbing plant for support and attachment by twinning around suitable hosts

bangchik and kakdah
pasir gudang johor


  1. You made a lot of beautiful photos of the tendrils of the passion fruit.

    1. Janneke..... thanks. tendrils are there waiting for someone to view and ever ready as models!

  2. They say, 'Catch me if you can!' Lovely captures.

    1. Keats....... tendrils are fairly sweet and well behaved as models for good pictures, as compared to butterflies!

  3. Great capture of those cute little tendrils!! Love the curly-q-s.

    1. The Queen of Seaford:..... i just wonder how they curl that way... so neat so sweet.


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