Sunday, April 24, 2011

Kangkong / kangkung / , second lease of life.

Spelling it as Kangkong brings about its exact  sound.  Kangkung which is more widely spelled, is less impactful. But how can I argue with linguists when they talk with form and substance. But I stubbornly keep on using  Kangkong..., just in case I forget to hit the right note with "o"  rather than "u", which  to me is too subtle  a sound.  Fried kangkong is indeed a very mouth watering menu. A little bit of shrimp paste (belacan) will add to the flavour.

A month  ago, Arief , a friend from Kota Bharu fetched me from the Pengkalan Chepa airport. He laughed looking at our little garden upon reaching home. How do you squeeze your time, he asked. I cut off a few kangkong shoots and put in a plastic bag, as giveaway.  However he forgot to take it along. Much later, after realising it, I gave him a call, asking  if it's alright to use what's rightfully his as a fried menu for the night. Oh.., I have to make it up somehow...

kangkong second lease of life, very bushy now.
Kangkong is coming to the second lease of life. Two weeks ago, I harvested all.... for us, for the neighbours and for the EM ( EM: effective microorganism).  Kangkong just get on with life, pushing new shoots through every nodes.... Cut and come again as a harvest technique, nothing can beat Kangkong on its readiness to push and grow. It's best to put fertiliser upon harvest and give ample supply of water, to get Kangkong cracking again and again...

Kangkong: cut and come again with fresh shoots.

Someone said kangkong is poor man's veggie. 
But we are all poor yea, so let's grow kangkong.

bangchik and kakdah
Tanah Merah, Kelantan


  1. The perfect vegetable is Kangkong! I definitely need some poor man's vegetable...vegetables in USA grocery store get more and more expensive everyday!

  2. kangkung belacan sedap ape... rugi eh klu org kaya tak makan... ;p

  3. doesn't matter how to spell, fry me a plate of kangkong belachan, I will be so happy.

  4. Yours is definitely kangkOng. What I planted was kangkung. Yours is abundant with long sharp leaves. Mine has rounded leaves with lots of flowers and seeds. :)

  5. Lovely kangkong and even more delicious when homegrown. Will be havesting mine soon, only a few plants as the rest was destroyed by those four-legged pests!

  6. One quick dish to cook and always a favourite. Have not come across anyone not liking it.

  7. I love kangkong! Delicious cooked with belacan... nyum nyum~

    It's better to harvest kangkong 4 weeks after planting. It's not that tasty if terlalu banyak kangkong yang cecah tanah.

    It's also better for the kangkong to harvest for 3 times only cuz if more than that it will not be that good look and the leaf will eventually become a bit round than sharp one.

    Yet it still can be tasty for kankong goreng belacan~

  8. ~Theanne and Baron
    Kangkong grow so quick that everyone should have a pot at least... If veggies get too expensive, every household should have a pot of something...

    Orang kaya pun makan juga.... :)

    Fried fish, kangkong belacan is enough to make white rice tasty as we push it down the stomach!

    Oh.., so O for the the long leaves, and U for rounded leaves... They use the "u" for Yong Tau Foo... yea?

    ~kitchen flavours
    So sorry to hear the situation you are in with the four legged... Good luck to your kangkong harvest.

    ~Keats The Sunshine Girl
    It's soft and tasty, even the rich will rush for this poor man's veggie!

    ~I wong
    Thanks for the tips, about harvesting not more than three times. I thought I am going to keep them indefinitely!! harvest upon harvest.... I dont allow kangkong to crawl, they look neat standing up, so I have to harvest before they get too leggy.

  9. OOOO.. the kangkong looks so lush and healthy! It looks like it can feed a big family!! Well done!! I wish I could plant kangkong like that...

  10. Food so delicious!
    Grow kangkong in pots... they will look spectacular!!

  11. I love eating stir fried kangkong with belacan and dried shrimp. I have grown some in the backyard. It's new to me that I could just cut it on the stem and let it grow new shoots again. That's really cool.

    A question that I would like to ask Bang Chik is when is the right time to harvest the kangkong shoots? I tend to harvest old kangkong leaves.

  12. J.C.
    To me, the time is whenever Kakdah decide to cook kangkong. Anything less than a foot should be ok. Too long, kangkong like to crawl.., tak cantik.

  13. Adobong Kangkong is the best! nyam nyam nyam!!!

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