Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Pineapples, gearing for bigger world.

It is an attempt to give pineapples a world it deserves. Exclusiveness.  Three local higher learning institutions, Tourism Department of Johor, Malaysian Handicraft Development Corporation and  Malaysian Pineapple Industry Board  joined  up to give pineapples a bright new future.  I was there somewhere in the big blue ocean strategy adventure

The whole effort is centered towards creating a future for pineapple fibers in Malaysia.

Community engagement in Kampung Puteri Menangis, Pontian.
- introducing  pineapple fiber extraction
Fiber extractor , a prototype.

We managed to get research grant to further develop the necessary machines and techniques to produce pineapple fiber of high quality.   Philippine and Indonesia had ventured into pineapple fiber for decades. Malaysia is still learning, but I sincerely hope that pineapple growers in Johor, Pontian especially will benefit in a big way soon.

The journey is long but we already had " Tenun Diraja Johor or Royal Johor Weave" in mind.

(sorry for being on off-mode for a few months) 


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    1. wslm smRose.... terima kasih. Serat Nenas benda baru di Malaysia. Panjang perjalanannya.......


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