Saturday, January 25, 2014

Biomass Bandung, seeing is believing.

The world we live in differs as we travel out. We live in a familiar setting, with electrical switches on the wall. Modern world do short cuts,  technological advancements take ordinary living to a different level, and after a while we get used to changes. But mankind tries hard to balance out modernisation with some sense of sustainability.  Over in Bandung, Indonesia we managed to have a glimpse of sustainability in real sense.

It is biomass in action. Biomass is fuel that is developed from organic materials, a renewable and sustainable source of energy.  We witnessed an interesting biomass project in Bandung. It's cow dung they used. They grow pokok gajah (Pennisetum purpurium ) for cows to eat. The get fresh milk from the cows.

The cow dungs, which normally used as organic fertiliser were diluted with water in a biogas mixer which then drain into a large underground container. Through biological breakdown process, methane was produced. The gas was then piped to the house for cooking and lighting. The bi-product of the biological process was further decomposed using earthworms.  The fine compost is used for plants as fertiliser.

pokok gajahPennisetum purpurium food for cattle

cattle or lembu or sapi

cattle , lembu or sapi

it has a name , SARI

Kakdah had a taste of fresh milk

organic lemons

the biomass buckets and mixer

the buckets

the biomass mixer

Biomass set-up

by product of biomass, a clean compost

earthworms used to further decompose biomass slurry

organic vegetables, 
Methane for cooking. Notice the pressure gauge on the wall,
as indicator how much gas left.

The light - OFF

The light - ON

Three cows are enough to provide some level of sustainable living for a household. They get fresh milk, methane for cooking and lighting and healthy plants.  About 100 households participate in the biomass project through collaborative efforts from Institute Technology Bandung and Politeknik Bandung with the community of Kampung Arang Desa Sibodas 

________bangchik and kakdah________
a trip to Bandung

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