Monday, March 14, 2016

A blue flower appeared one day.

Given the right temperature and moisture, seeds will germinate and grow.  We humans normally will germinate and grow plants and trees of our own choice.  The rest of plants will grow by themselves as self seeding or dispersed by birds, animals, wind and water.

This particular plant appeared behind one banana tree.  It had grown to a considerable size with beautiful light flowers before I notice it. The seed must have been brought there by wind. I love the rich green colour of the leaves, and the soft purple flowers, so I have them spread around the backyard garden, as border.

 bangchik and kakdah
Garden: Putrajaya presint 8


  1. Beautiful self seeded plant! It's always nice to have a surprise in the garden! ;)

    1. If plants grow by themselves, it means they like the habitat, with care they will grow even better. Trouble is always with plants we buy from the nursery, we simply assume plants will be happy with environment we create for them.... :)

  2. That's beautiful! I want to grow it one day.

  3. Nature brings beauty to you.
    A lucky you.

  4. This is really beautiful flowering plants and surprise in one day flowering. Yeh! its is really nice flower to garden.

  5. One more thing about this flower it is really beautiful to have in garden or balcony to beautify your places

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