Friday, March 11, 2016

Sorghum circle - for continuous supply and a rare total solar eclipse

I was mentioning about sorghum grown in 3 batches each at an interval of one month, in the previous post.  Weather here is sliding towards wetter period, but it is generally hot with temperature hovering around 90 degree Fahrenheit.  It was a rare total solar eclipse yesterday as the Moon passed between the earth and the sun. It happened as I was driving to the office in the morning, and indeed the feeling was rather eerie....... However the phenomena couldn't bring down the temperature, as it remained hot right to sunset.

First batch of sorghum
Photo 1

Second batch of sorghum with thin mulch
Photo 2

Third batch of sorghum with thin Napier leaves as mulch
Photo 3

Three batches of sorghum, the youngest on the right
Photo 4

3 batches of sorghum, the youngest on the right
Photo 5

It happened as I was driving to the office in the morning around 8.15am

bangchik and kakdah
Garden: Putrajaya presint 8


  1. That's a circle of self explainable growth of Sorghum plant!
    Indians have many do and don't during eclipse! ahhaha...

    1. Growing plants in a row is a lot easier, pull string then we have a a straight line, a circle is a bit tricky, but can be done... hehe. eclipse, is an important phenomena to some religions and beliefs, yes!

  2. Your plants remind me of corn stalks. That's great getting to see the eclipse !

    1. Sorghum and corn have similar look. They differ in where their fruits or grains are.... sorghum has it at the top, bravely exposing it to the sun, where as corn hide them in between leaves.....

  3. Wahh bestnya dapat tengok bijirin sorghum tumbuh subur kat Malaysia, jika di zaman sekolah dahulu cuma dapat jumpa ketika kelas geografi, teruja saya untuk menanam sorghum tu, harap sangat jika AbangChik n Kakdah masih simpan benih sorghum, saya sanggup bayar rm50 untuk segenggam benih tersebut, sudikan wassap 019-902-5015


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