Sunday, February 6, 2011

Wallpaper of green veggies.

 wallpaper of green: ubi kemili  leaves
 To the Kelantanese, this is ubi keling.

wallpaper of green: ulam raja leaves.

Ulam Raja is non-stop in my garden. I always make sure, new batch is grown somewhere in the garden before the matured plants bloom, dry and die. For a family, three of these is enough for occasional salad. There is no harm in growing a lot of Ulam Raja, even if  not for the fresh salad, at least to appreciate the  ornamental sight..., and almost free of pest attack too. Marigolds are known as pest deterrent, probably Ulam Raja has that property too.  The next batch ulam raja will be placed at strategic place, to see if  they really push pests away from leafy veggies..

It is only fair to show where  these plants are in my garden.

 Three Ulam Raja

Ubi Kemili

bangchik and kakdah
Tanah Merah, Kelantan

Anti-Tumour Promoting Activity of Selected Malaysian Vegetables University Putra Malaysia


  1. All your green wallpaper looks healthy and good to eat too! Ive yet to grow ulam raja in my garden again. The last batch has died on me before I can see its bloom and collect the seeds :(

  2. I never heard of those two before. Sounds interesting.

  3. I've not heard of them either but they're both a beautiful healthy green!

  4. That color is so vivid.
    We have a market in our area that may have them...I like to try some.

  5. Such lush green foliars! My late grandma used to tell me that chicken manure makes foliars go green, but don't fertilise chilli using it - The chillis will be super hot!

  6. Lots of healthy fresh growth, great stuff to see when we are in the depths of winter!

  7. Nale:- Thanks, green is always refreshing.

    p3chandan:- Ulam raja is fairly sturdy, they just need water, a bit of food and penetrable soil. I have been growing ulam raja for many years... non stop.

    Rebecca:- They are enjoying slightly damp and cool spot in the garden...

    Gadis Melayu:- Yes, almost like mint. I dont know what to expect with ubi kemili, since this my first time. To make it worse I have never seen a growing ubi kemili...

    meemsnyc:- Ulam Raja is a cosmos variety... ubi kemili is potato distant cousin.

  8. Theanne: Yes, they are greener than any other plants in my garden except for 4 month old peanuts..

    Patsi:- Worth a try. Ulam Raja is a cosmos variety, probably seeds are available there..

    Hafez:- I am using goats manure pellets... probably chili will turn even hotter!

    Damo:- Good that you winter in your place, a time to rest, stay indoor and grow better when weather gets warmer.

    Bangchik and kakdah
    Tanah Merah

  9. Very nice your garden. Just gets better and better.I am getting so many tips its still winter here but I live for spring!

  10. Comeca Jones:-
    Thanks for the visit. Garden is growing filling the space that used to be bare when we came in....

  11. Green and wonderfully healthy looking plants. I grew the ulam rajah once .Will retry.

  12. Keats:-Ulam Raja is a straight forward plant. They just grow. I visited Ibrahim house in Machang recently. Ulam raja self seeding so good almost to the point of being invasive. good luck to your ulam raja.

  13. They look great! I didn't know those names, tho the ubi looks a bit like mint.

  14. I would have thought the first one was a kind of mint, if I hadn't seen your words. Are they related I wonder? The leaves look very similar. Pretty pictures.

  15. fer and GardenMom:
    scientifically ubi kemili is Coleus tuberosus.... grown primarily for its delicious tubers.... just like potato.

  16. Thanks for supporting me on blotanical. You're always posting so nice pictures :)


  17. Dear Banchik, Your vegetables are so lush and healthy. The ubi kemili looks like my mint which grows rampantly in my herb garden.

    Sorry I haven't visited lately. I was ill and now I'm busy trying to catch up with my favorite blogs. Pamela

  18. Your green wallpapers look good!
    The Ubi Kemili leaves looks like mint leaf!

  19. Kathrin
    Thanks for the visit. I cant write like a real writer... haha... so pictures will help.

    Pam's English Garden
    Glad you get better now.. but please don't rush on things especially gardening... a step at a time or a plant at a time...

    Leaves somewhat similar... ubi kemili and mint. I may not even have a chance to try growing ubi kemili if I keep staying in Putrajaya... haha.

  20. I'm interested in your land, weed free :)

  21. Milka.
    It was bare when I came in... weeds had been here in Tanah for million of years. I am here for 3 months. They will find ways to invade soon.....

  22. Eh that ubi kemili looks like mint for laksa. Nice la! I googled to check out this plant... hey it's a herb plant. Very interesting. Would the 'ubi' taste like radish?

  23. Stephanie
    How would I describe the taste... cross between potato, sweet potato and keladi.

  24. Hi bang chik..
    do have ulam raja seed?if u do have,would u mind to post some of it to me?
    we can do some exchanges here..i will post to you some of my brussle sprout seeds.I had bought a lot from ebay.

  25. the previous post asking for ulam raja was me

    Yeap... yes still available. Send ur address through I will post some..
    Cheers ~bangchik

  27. I have enjoyed exploring your blog, what wonderful veggies you grow, everything looks so healthy !


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