Thursday, February 10, 2011

First roselle juice and jam in Tanah Merah.

There should be enough harvest to get roselle juice and jam. Kakdah had the pleasure of picking them one by one to fill a pink basket. The seven roselle plants gave us 129 dark red fruits.

Cara membuat jus dan jem roselle

a basketful harvest, i have given the total number so no count the fruits contest!

Calyx, the red outer skin peeled and washed.

How it was done, separating calyx off the fruit.

The nuts which contain seeds are left to dry indoor, There should be a lot of them. Within a month, Kakdah will do giveaways..., stay tune for the announcement!

The calyx boiled for an hour, strained to get home-made roselle juice stock. Kakdah always dilutes the juice, add a little bit of sugar for a lovely roselle juice.

The residue is further boiled with sugar to get jam. Kakdah placed them in plastic containers.

As giveaways to neighbours and friends.... I hope they read this ( Roselle) to know more about its food value.

of course, a glass of cool iced roselle juice to end gardening chores for day. How would I describe the taste... wualla!!

a close-up of roselle juice

How's your roselle? If you haven't got one, there will soon be roselle seed giveaways  from Tanah Merah .... stay tune...

bangchik and kakdah
Taman Kota Harmoni, Tanah Merah

Earlier  post on Tanah Merah Roselle, 
all within 4 months :


  1. That looks beautiful. What does it taste like?

  2. Thank you for the very easy to follow step by step how to make Roselle jam. I am going to stay tune for your seed give-away. Something I would like to try growing as it is such a wonderful plant.

  3. Dear Bangchik, Roselle is such a beautiful name! The jam and juice look delicious. I wish I lived close enough for the give-away! P

  4. How exciting...the jam and juice are such a beautiful color! I see that Roselle was brought to Florida in the late 19th century but was killed during a hard freeze. Would I dare to try to grow some on my patio, in a container? Perhaps I would, I'd like to try! Congratulations to Kakdah for her jam and juice! And to you both for growing wonderfully healthy Roselle plants and fruit!

  5. I posted about this plant in November when I was starting to pick Roselle, but a record-setting early freeze cut the season short. Fortunately, I saved plenty of seed.

  6. Bangchik,

    Thanks for this article! So is this the same Hibiscus that I buy as dried Hibiscus flowers. They are very tasty1

  7. ahh.. how I miss Roselle.. The Jam looks Yummy!

  8. Really love this. Would really like to try at making roselle jam, but I guess I will need to plant many trees to get more fruits! The glass of cold roselle drink would indeed be great in this hot weather!

  9. Thank you Bangchik for sharing the step by step method to get the juice and the jam. My roselle not growing very well as yours since I got the seedlings very cheap as they were not in good health at that time. So Im all ears and eyes for your seeds giveaway!

  10. Congratulations for such bountiful harvest! I feel very happy for you and Kakdah. Thank you for sharing the recipe. I'm sure it'll be useful to many.

  11. The jam and juice looks delicious!
    What a coincidence that i posted about Roselle too! I shall definately wait for the seeds giveaway!

  12. Bangchik & Kak Dah

    How to get free fresh roselle juice and jam from Tanah Merah... so far away from HOT...

  13. Thank you for the instruction. I thought we take the centre thingie and throw the outer part haha. So good can make jam and juice! I haven't got one in my garden, so pick me pick me! for the roselle seeds giveaway, LOL. Happy gardening.., i guess you had a fun day with Kakdah and your 129 roselles :)

  14. I feel so thirsty after looking are the red juicy drink.
    I'm very sure it taste so refreshing...

    wouldn't it be faster and easier to use the branches as cuttings and plant them and they fruit much more faster than planting them with seeds all over again?

  15. I saw the process of making the juice when I was still small... oh dear..

    I never plant any Roselle yet.. May be can try it from Kak dah give away..hihihi..

  16. I love roselle everything! My poor husband—the trained chef—is forced to make all kinds of flower food goodness for me. I will have to ask for a roselle crème brûlée this year for Valentine's Day! What a treat since we can buy the jam easily in our city. Yummy! (I eat way too many roses so it's time to give them a break.)

  17. I'd like to give you a huge rosette for all your lovely roselles! Well done.

  18. I'd like to give you a huge rosette for all your lovely roselles! Well done.

  19. Waah, ore Kelate will never be the same again;)

  20. I love your roselle juice, which looks so refreshing!

  21. Jeanne
    Taste, a little bit of lemon and plum.. not easy to describe taste. Tasting is believing..

    Malay-Kadazan girl
    Preparing roselle jam and juice is like any other fruits. Some I notice made a mistake by boiling the whole fruit, then they wonder why the taste so weird....

    Wait until we have acres of roselle.., then every reader will be get one.

    Why not, give roselle a space in Florida. Stay tune for the seeds.

    Grower Jim
    Too bad, roselle had to succumb to early freeze... you can try again... probably germinate earlier to beat any unsuspected early freeze.

    Randy Emmitt
    Jam and juice is tasty... raw fruit is a little bit sour.

    Come home... Terengganu have roselle by hectares!!

    kitchen flavours
    7 plants should be alright. Otherwise you have to pluck and store in refrigerator until enough for jam...

    I thought you have plants clinic in your garden to make them better....

    ~bangchik and kakdah

  22. One
    Simple recipe... but don't use the nuts for jam and juice.

    You got to grow 7 or more roselle.., for juice and jam.

    No choice, you got to come here... plane ada, bas ada, train ada.., kalau larat drive saja...

    haha... never use the middle one.., otherwise jam and juice sure tak jadi punya..

    James Missier
    Never try cuttings yet.. maybe it works.. anyway it is hibiscus related.

    At least you have been exposed to roselle jam making in childhood days.. I guess you should show your children how to do it...

    Lucky you to have chef as your husband.... Kakdah married to a green finger diehard part time gardener!

    Thanks... for rosette....

    kelantanese will find it difficult to get along with perak born guy with northern accent especially when things that could have been a trading material are given for free and fun.

    Very very refreshing...

    Happy Gardening, and have a great weekend everyone.
    ~bangchik and kakdah
    Tanah Merah, Kelantan

  23. Oh Bangchik i am so very curious about its taste, both jam and juice. We don't have them here, i think it's time that someone has to introduce that. I am sure it is very healthy because it has lots of anthocyanins as antioxidant. I am sure it will grow well here too, we have the same climate. I hope you remember this comment when it's time for Kakdah to relinquish some seeds, hehe. Thank you.

  24. Andrea
    thanks... roselle should find Philippine agreeable. Stay tune for roselle giveaways. I will remind Kakdah about it.

  25. The Roselle juice is a lovely color. Sounds like it's delicious too!

  26. sweetbay
    yes, lovely colour. I heard food colouring had been extracted from roselle.....

  27. hi Bangchik and kakdah, may i know how to get the seed from the nut? we need to dry them or how? Thanks

  28. olive
    - dry the nut first, then it will open itself. It has its own mechanism to crack open....

  29. Dear Kaddah and Bangchik,
    I wrote you an email but it was not received. Perhaps it was in your boxbe.
    I'm in the newspapers today (16/2) Utusan Melayu n NST on MyRoselle InHerGarden campaign. Please see and consider to be SRG Coordinator for where you are living (Kelantan/Johor).
    Thank you.
    Hajah Jamaliah Baba

  30. myRoselle (Hjh Jamaliah Baba)

    I am not too familiar with "MyRoselle InHerGarden" and Stevian Roselle Group. The news mentioned just a little, but I suppose this is a social group promoting stevia and roselle, yea? I am interested so please tell me more....

    my email is

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