Monday, June 27, 2011

ROOFTOP GARDENING : gearing for a big harvest.

Chili plants are flowering, and buds appear all over. And that is a sure promise of  good harvest next month.  The team is going into collaboration with other parties on related research works; on environmental issues, temperate climate gardening, complete manual on standard operating procedure.  They are also starting on Corporate Social Responsibility program by organising  one-day workshop on chili growing next week for 25 pax for free.

The last two weeks, the weather was a bit windy. One day, the wind was so strong, that plants were flattened. Surprisingly, the next day all rose up and stayed upright til today. Coconut husk as growing media in a way gave roots and stems some flexibility. On real soil, I think stems will be snapped into two and roots broken.

rows of chili centil

rows of chili centil

rows of chili centil

another view

Chili centil flower

rows of chili centil, rooftop gardening

rows of chili centil, with silver liner

rows of chili centil, without silver liner.

Chili centil, pointing upwards

So, everyone is keeping  fingers crossed, hoping weather will be kinder for weeks to come and pests stay away as far as they can. The first harvest will be officiated by the Dato Sri Mustapha Mohamed on 23rd of July.... and there will be a little bit of fanfare for the community.

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bangchik and kakdah

Thanks Nawawi for the lovely photos.


  1. I love it its even beautiful to look at.

  2. Very neat job Bangchik and team! Our weather is getting crazy I know. It just rained early this morning after many days of cloudy but hot days. I hope your plants will produce lots of chillies.

    My experience with coconut husk is that snails, esp. those tiny ones love to live in it. But it is really a good media for good drainage and aeration and yet able to retain some moisture.

  3. Comeca Jones
    ~ Put them in rows, they display neatness. The team has id for each plant, like A31:- Block A, row 3, column 1. They are monitoring growth of every plant. 800 in all.

    ~ Over here it's rain and strong wind everyday. They are so punctual about timing ~ always within the last hour before sunset.

    Coconut husk or the more commercial name cocopeat, is fairly versatile as growing media. It's cheap, always acting like a sponge in holding water, and fairly neutral with pH. So far we are safe with snails, too high for them to crawl up!

  4. Very neat!
    Hope you will have chillies in abundance

  5. Wow it looks so beautifully arranged. That's a lot of chili when fully fruiting. I love to share my time in harvesting, haha! May i know the purpose of the silver lining plastics? thanks.

  6. Malar
    ~ thanks.., yea, they are praying for good harvest. The date 23rd July, is for everyone to say "thank you God, for such bountiful harvest". Throughout history of mankind, harvesting ceremony is deep rooted in many cultures. Pesta Menuai is still a public holiday in Sabah.

    ~ you are welcome. Not too far, Philippines is just a few hours by air. That silver lining is to create a brighter environment. The experts say, chili love brightness and should push pests away. If used on the ground, that will be to keep out weeds.

    The team divide their lot into 2, one with plastic, the other on bare concrete floor. Those with silver lining are winning...

  7. I wish my pepper plants looked as nice.

    Happy Gardening,
    -Kristina K.

    Urban Farm Wife

  8. Kristina
    ~ Plants dont need much, water, nutrients and air, at most. Other elements like care/affection/attention is optional.. Ours look nice because of the rows...

  9. Super lah! I imagine that many will take on this concept and utilize the open spaces we have on our mostly vacant roof top!

  10. mahfudz mn
    ~I am sure many will join the rooftop gardening movement..... its normal for them to see a bit of success story first.


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