Thursday, June 23, 2011

Tomato in two pots

This is the first attempt with tomato over at the new garden in Tanah Merah. The approach is different. Over in Putrajaya Home, they were grown in the ground, once a while I will put one or two in container. I have been so familiar with growing vegetables in the ground. Container is a different ball of game.

Now we have two growing in brown ceramic pots, watered five times a day automatically. I wasn't very consistent with fertilizing lately. I sprayed EM lavishly  three days ago. It will be fun to see if EM can spring them back to better fruiting.  The two  are bearing thumb-sized tomato now...., and more will be coming.



the two potted tomato


bangchik and kakdah


  1. Looks healthy! Mine is also growing in pots and always have new shoots and branches. Once daily manual watering on AB fertilizer.

  2. Those aren't tomatoes! Those are TREES!

    Very awesome and very nice growth!

  3. We keep quite a few tomatoes in pots. Last year; just OK. This year we've improved the soil so we're hoping for better returns.

  4. I can still remember your tomato plants in Putrajaya! FUll of tomatoes! It's back again in Tanah Merah! So good!

  5. They look good. I haven't tried growing tomatoes in pots. I'll watch your progress.

  6. Maria tanam dlm polibag je... ada 3 pokok... pun sedang rancak berbuah... risau jugak, takut serangan ulat / serangga perosak... mmg tak de la sembur ape2 racun lagi tapi tengok ok je... suke tak sabar nak tunggu buah dia merah ;p

  7. We grow most of our tomatoes in pots or grow bags or other containers and the secret seems to be consistent watering and feeding.

  8. Very lovely. I now have tomatoes in pots, and a few in the ground. It will be interesting to compare the 2 as they grow.

  9. Cool!!!!

    I've got green things coming out of my tomatoe plants too.

    Mine are shaped a little bit different than yours, but it's probably because maybe they are a different brand.

  10. They look wonderful! Sometimes when I have too many tomato seedlings to fit in our small beds, I put some in pots. This year we have peppers in pots.

  11. I was absent when you taught us how to water plants automatically, may i be given a special tutorial? Is EM effective microorganisms? It is available here too but i haven't used it. thanks Bangchik.

  12. mahfudz mn
    Thanks... My automatic watering system is purely for water. Fertiliser is manually applied. It suits the purpose to sprinkle lawn, spray kakdah's orchid, keladi, and almost every plants in the garden.

    ~ I pinched the shoots, leaving only a few to grow as tall as they can..

    Kim and Victoria
    ~ Pots should handle tomato for home use well. Unless we we do farming.

    ~ Putrajaya tomato are special. The soil is good. Over here soil is really left over, unwanted.

    ~ Thanks for following our tomatoes. Some should turn red in a few days time. There is already a hint of yellow in the earlier tomato.

  13. ejaMaria
    ~ Tiga pokok dah cukup untuk buat kenduri!! Untuk kegunaan rumah lebih dari cukup.

    Sue@G.L. Allotments
    ~ I agree with you about watering and feeding..., and to see little fruits developing is fun.

    Rebecca @ In The Garden
    ~ I have done that with the previous garden, in pots and in the ground. Generally ground is for tomato to grow big and tall, with lots of fruits.

    ZZ's Garden
    ~ I don't know what variety I am growing. Ours is the little ones, pear shaped.

    garden girl
    ~ I can imagine the problem with germinating more than needed, so we end up squeezing where ever possible.

    ~ My system is just watering... automatic watering with a tank, a pump and pipes. It used to be 5 times a day, now I switched to 8 times with slightly shorter burst. Since I don't use soil as growing media which has lots of bacteria to breakdown organic fertiliser, EM is employed... to break organic matter down for roots to feed.

  14. I'm sure they will be delicious, no matter what kind they are.

  15. Your tomato plants look so healthy!

    I just sowed some tomato seeds last weekend. Only see one seed germinating right now. I hope they all germinate!

    When the time comes for me to move them to a pot, how big should the pots be? As big as the ones you have?

    Meanwhile, my kacang botol have started to twirl their tendrils over the trellis. The bittergourd is growing more leaves.

    And my kacang bendi has germinated too :)

    No time to blog just yet. Been so busy at work. Are you on Facebook, Bangchik? :)

  16. ZZ's Garden
    _ tomato are getting red now!

    Pot is your own choice. Plants tend to get bigger with larger pots, which is understandable. Bigger volume means larger amount of water and fertiliser retained and of course it will make roots happier to walk about..... :) Yes, I am on facebook but very quiet. Blog is my gardening adventure NOTEBOOK!


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