Saturday, January 9, 2010

A garden in Sitiawan: the fruits




baby jambu air,

little mango,
mempelam telur,

location: Kakdah's Mom garden, Sitiawan, Perak

Living in rural area, where you have an acre of land to play around, having these fruit trees is most natural. I cant even think about these trees where I am staying now. So, vegetable garden is the most appropriate in my case....

Going back to Kakdah's home town is a real retreat.... playing with nature, appreciating fruiting trees and of course, a chance to pluck and eat fruits for free!!!

Putrajaya Malaysia


  1. Wow, looks as if kakda's mom has a lush garden. We also have ciku in our country (Philippines)-we call it chico. I only see the red rambutans, never seen a baby one. They look so healthy! :)

  2. Fluffy rambutan is so unusual and cute!

  3. Wonderful to have such a selection of fruits in one garden. The Rambutan flowers are very attractive and a lovely colour. Have a good weekend!

  4. A fruit orchard is what many urban gardeners dream of. Trees bear fresh fruits for the family to enjoy and provides a home for wildlife.

  5. You ever read any Dr. Seuss? These plants remind me of something from one of his books.
    Fun looking!
    I love coconut milk. Yum!

  6. The young ones are actually very pretty. Didn't realise it before.

  7. Wonderful pics. it is always neat to see plant that we could never grow.


  8. TES... we were told about those living in the south east asia, share a lot of common things; the way they build houses, the way they do gardening, their culture, their hospitality. and they share words too. I guess we share ancestors!!

    TATYANA... Rambutans are hairy... or fluffy as you mentioned, but those are babies. They turn red or yellow at later stage. So sweet!!!

    JOANNE... we see them everyday, but to you these are unusual and exotic.

    EASY GARDENER.... I always dream of having an acre piece of land, packed with fruit trees. So going home is a real vacation!

    BELLE... we can always make dream come true!!

    ROSEY... coconut milk is quenching and very tropical. but rambutan and ciku are even better.

    OCEAN GIRL... The younger one is always prettier, Lisa. Hahaha.... it applies to almost everything.

    JIM.... so blotanical really connects people across the oceans. Now you can see ours. We can enjoy snow flakes looking at friend's blogs.

    Have a great weekend.

    Putrajaya, MALAYSIA

  9. Nice post! How wonderful it is to see this fruit growing while we sit dormant with our winter garden patiently waiting for spring. It's a part of the world we would love to visit. Enjoy your weekend.

  10. These fruits are so magical looking. The first one is soft and fuzzy...what fun.

  11. HANK and JANET

    What shown here as just a few.... Malaysia is full of fruits. Most become local delicacy, only a few end up being marketable. Living in rural area in my younger days, make me crave for less marketable fruits .... Sorry you people have to wait for spring... yea.., it wont be too long...


  12. oooh, tropical yummies - just a reach away! My husband grew up in Florida and always talks about how they'd go and play all day long and when they were hungry, would just climb a tree and grab oranges. The taste of these fruits must bring back such memories for Kakdah.

  13. Bangchik, so no kacang putih from Setiawan? ha ha... yeah my calla looks like one wrapper ;-) I also recalled days when I eat them for free :-D :-D I had fun time going from tree to tree to sample the fruits. At one time, I was at Kedah, they just charge a norminal fee (can't remember how much now) for 'eat all you can' the fruits that have in the orchard - meaning no take away la ;-)


  15. WENDY..
    Tropical delight really. Oh, your husband had enjoyed moments when he could just picked and ate... a free world.

    Dont know where to get kacang putih the old way. Now, almost everything is sold in plastic.
    I heard people doing that, pay and eat but no takeaway!.. But remember some stomach can't handle too much fruits...



    it is not too big actually, the shell is about the size of golf ball.



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