Friday, June 17, 2011

When you are a hobby gardener not a businessman.

With plants you care about, there is somewhat a bond. You tend to remember them individually, the one that grows tallest, the biggest, the badly affected by pests, the one with biggest fruit and so on. Like children at home, you know the differences, their liking and dislike, and their specific inclinations. Children and plants are changing...  In modern leadership concept, there is one element called change leadership. Gardening is all about going for change...... for better or for worse., and the gardener is managing the change to his/her best.

Months ago, Izam a friend with IT business mentioned about my little vegetable garden blog through the eye of a businessman. He mentioned about how a blog can be turned into money spinning adventure. I said, I need three months to work it out. Now, three months is over, yet I am still sitting on it. I am still a gardener.

 Last two weeks, a lady came to buy Kakdah orchids....., Kakdah said orchids are not for sale...., then the lady asked for a stevia plant, and paid 10 RM. Kakdah has no attachment to stevia plants, at least not in the scale with her orchids. The lady mentioned about her previous purchase of three stevia plants from Cameron Highlands and all died within a month.

Keladi, I have not decided where to plant them.

Keladi, a close-up

Kakdah, her daughter and grandchildren

Recently a friend Zali asked for the whole tray of Kiwi seedlings (about 80) and paid 20 RM. Those are our babies, so when Zali took the whole tray away, it made us sad in a way. On Kiwi, I am happy,  knowing Zali will make it big........... No one seems to be growing Kiwi in Kelantan, so Zali will definitely make it big and big!

Kakdah loves her orchids and flowers, and I love the rest of the plants, vegetables especially. To be a businessman or businesswoman, you must be nonchalant about plants...., the attachment, the bond must be as little as possible otherwise you just can't sell plants, fruits, seedlings or any harvest at all.

kakdah's orchid

bangchik and kakdah


  1. It's also very, very hard to make a good living with plants. Gardening is much more rewarding as a hobby than it ever could be as an enterprise.

  2. You are so right! Gardening as a hobby is much more of joy!

  3. It is so strange that we grow so attached to our plants! I agree!

  4. Yes, we become attached to our plants. I agree with Katie Hertfelder, it is difficult to make a living out of gardenning.

  5. A whole tray of kiwis for only RM20? Its too cheap Bangchik..those kiwis are very precious! My friend used to sell them for RM30 per seedling! I used to sell my grape and mulberry seedlings for RM20-25 too. But like you said, its sad when you have to part with them, you became attached to them because you nurture them from babies...

  6. Bangchik, If you can sell your stevia plants for RM10 each, I believe it is growing very well. I have been propagating and giving them away. Many came back to tell me that it died. My own is alive but never seem to grow very big. Is there anything that I'm missing?

  7. I know I will always just be a hobby gardener as I could not part with any of my plants. I do give plants which I have divided to friends, but that is different.

  8. oh.. I am not alone! I always thought that I am too attached to my plants and will feel sadness if it is attacked by pest or if they dont do well for whatever reasons.

    I suppose if one is to make a living out of gradening, one has to be very innovative. It is not just conventional plant and sell.. It has to come with a whole load of works.. marketing, PR, a little bit of diversifying too. Look at how Hugh Whittinghall has done with River cottage or how jamie oliver has done with his jamie garden. It is workable but need some revamping.

  9. ~ Katie Hertfelder
    Big scale chili growing is profitable. within four months they get back the capital investment plus 100% profit. Looking after nursery is somewhat different.

    ~ Malar
    For home gardening, it has to be a hobby. of course it brings JOY. As an enterprise, big profit will bring equal JOY too.

    ~ Ann
    Enthusiasm and being passionate about it....., that is gardening.

    ~ lotusleaf
    It's alright if the scale is big... then it is not gardening anymore, it becomes FARMING.

  10. p3chandan
    I dont know, plants seem to be cheap over here...., grape seedling is 10RM at the most. Haha... I might charge higher for kiwi...

    So many stevia plants in our garden, like I said the target is 1000 before the year end. They grow quite well... of course some died. The mother plants are big..., stems almost finger sized.

    I suppose human survive to the end because LOVE, AFFECTION and PASSION still flourish. Gardening is just a platform for such feelings.

    Food so delicious!
    You are right..... Doing business when there are so many players, we just have to be above the rest. Creativity and being smart would push us through.

    1. Hi Bangchik & Kakdah,

      Do you still supplying Stevia Plants/seeds?
      Kindly advise T&C, including
      pricing &
      delivery/pick up.
      We are in Perak.

    2. Benny, I have a few.... But we can discuss. Drop at my email

    3. Hi Bangchik & Kakdah,

      Had not any reply mail from you.
      Pls respond.

    4. As I have mentioned, just a few left..., just 10. I need to start propagating more. using at least 5 mother plants to produce more through cuttings. Since i can only spare 5 for you, sending it over to your place would be too far not economical on your side.

      I can arrange from friends if you still need.

    5. nice meeting you @ raya... keep in touch.

    6. Thanks.... i really wish you luck with stevia. We can collaborate somehow. I am going to give stevia project a kickoff here in Pasir Gudang.

  11. It's odd isn't it how some people see things and assume you will sell - we keep being asked do you sell fruit and vegetables to which we reply no we eat them!

  12. That is so true about thinking of your precious plants as your children. Last year when a late frost nearly destroyed all my tomato plants, I was heartbroken!

  13. That is very true. Good perspective on our relationship to our plants.

  14. As an avid gardener, we tend to be attached to our plants due to the time and effort put into nurturing them. I would find it hard to part with those plants that I have been taken care of.

  15. Totally agree, Bangchik!
    My first attempt at growing something from seed, the seedlings died from overwatering (lesson learnt). Felt so sad to pull the dead babies out.

    Updates: I've built the trellis, but realise my soil tak cukup. Need top up more soil by at least another 2-3 inches before I transfer my kacang botol and bitter gourd seedlings. Will let you know when I've posted up pictures on my blog - I'll have to start a new one - just for my garden :)

  16. Assalamualaikum,
    blog yang menarik...

  17. Sue@Green Lane Allotments
    ~ It would be best to sell if people ask, then they will come again and again.

    ~ Plants are precious things. For the earth to remain healthy and habitable, plants are here to stay. To love plants has be natural..., for the ecosystem.

    Kim and Victoria
    ~ Since plants cant move about, or migrate as they wish, their existence is very much in our hands.. the gardeners and everyone.

    ~ if we can encourage people to green the earth, that would be very honorable. Giving away or selling plants should be seen in that angle.

    Overwatering?... seedlings just need enough water to keep growing.. unless we are growing padi.. :)

    Great to hear your garden is coming up. Trellis is fairly flexible, we can always change and redesign for the next crop. I love to see the new garden blog!

    ~ wassalam. Terimakasih, blog adalah platform perkongsian... disebalik aktiviti biasa iaitu BERKEBUN.

  18. How lovely. I know exactly what you mean about bonding with your plants. It's like they are little children. : D

    Happy Gardening,
    -Kristina K.

    Urban Farm Wife


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