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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Pak Choy in Johor

Pak Choy
coming to 2nd week now  

pak choy in pots (27 Nov 2011)

pak choy in pots, different view (27 Nov 2011)

pak choy close-up (27 Nov 2011)

bangchik and kakdah
johor malaysia


  1. So fresh and green...beautiful Pak Choy! I still marvel at your spacious yard!

  2. A lot of Pak Choy for Kak Dah to cook! The garden area is so huge!

  3. Look at those, how long will they take to be ready?

  4. Theanne and Baron
    - thanks. Somehow we walk and breath better with such space

    - garden area is like padang bola! so big. i will use a tiny portion.

    - within a month kakdah can do fried pak choy....

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. So if I wanted to try this, I would just buy some Pak Choy seeds and plant one seed per container???

    How tall will the plants be when they are ready to cook?

    I'm thinking i want to give it a try in my greenhouse.

    The Malaysia Project

  7. K...
    - Now our pak choy are babies. After a month, it should look like real pak choy we get from market. From then on we can start harvesting.... or we may want to wait until it get really big. It wont grow tall.... the most 6 inches especially in pots.


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