Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Saluting them, bidding farewell

Should farewell be all about sadness, hugs and tears? Not necessarily. I went around the garden before sun broke loose it's monsoon anger...... with Nikon D90, to assess how they feel about us leaving. The plants I mean.

~The world of orchids ~
That is Kakdah's world, orchids and orchids. 
They come in all sort of colours, shapes and sizes. 
When they bloom, Kakdah is happiest. I wonder if it should work vice versa.

Pic 1 ~ yellow orchid

Pic 2 ~ yellow orchid

Pic 3 ~ yellow orchid

Pic 4 ~  light purple orchid

Pic 5 ~ another orchid
Pic 6 ~ orchid still  in buds, protruding out

Pic 7 ~ colourful orchid, Kakdah's delight.

~ Cardinal Vine ~
An ordinary flowering vine from childhood days, less seen now, but given some prominence in our garden. They are flowering again and again ~ clear bright red little flowers with white filaments in the middle.  When they climb high into the sky, looking so brave and happy, they probably are singing along with Freddie Mercury (Queen) on that heroic number, we are the champions.

Pic 8 ~ cardinal vine flower among pokok daun kesum
Pic 9 ~ Cardinal vine, filling up the air.

~ Lantana, the brightest ~
No other flowers can beat lantana on being showy and bright. No scent, just being fashionable . I remember how the late Negeri Sembilan's Tuanku Jaafar went on describing the Malays... "colorful, most flamboyant". Lantana describes that well.

Pic 10 ~ Lantana, bright orange and yellow

Pic 11 ~ Lantana, teaming up.

~ Periwinkle; being simple ~
Another simple flowering plants, periwinkle has that soothing healthy looking leaves with non stop flowers . Being so ordinary, not many like to keep periwinkle, that most end up as wild flowers in villages and outskirt of towns. But as I keep reminding Kakdah..., "it is alright to live with the ordinary, because taking off all the dressings of modern life, indeed we really are very ordinary", as humble as a periwinkle.

Pic 12 ~ Periwinkle, light purple

~ Ulam Raja ~
indeed like a forest in the garden. How  many of our lunches had been accompanied with delicious salad of ulam raja. How many times the little boy from the front row of houses came and said "Mak mintak sikit ulam raja" or translated as "Mom ask for ulam raja". And how can I forget the memorable voyage of ulam raja seeds to London (click here: ULAM RAJA against all odds: a story from London).....

Pic 13 ~ Ulam Raja bush with winged beans at the back.

Keeping in tune with Mr Mohamad's wise words, Mr Shab's J factor where every thing has to JIVE in,  in a JIGSAW puzzle, Mr Jalil's worry with golf balls having minds of their own and young Mr Faudzi's grasp on reality of life, I look at the garden and keep wondering if  farewell needs to be teary hugs and kisses........

bangchik and kakdah
Tanah Merah, Kelantan


  1. Will Kakdah be able to take her orchids?

    The flowers are so beautiful they are wishing you a happy, safe journey. Where ever you are you and your wife will have a beautiful garden!

    I hope there are seed for all your plants to take with're a master gardener and photographer and I look forward to hearing about and seeing your next garden!

  2. Cathj....
    - thanks...indeed plants define "lovely" so well......

  3. It's perfect to be humble and enjoy life.Let's be happy as much as we can!

  4. I hope Kak Dah could carry all the Orchid with her!
    Looking forward to see your new garden!

  5. Theanne and Baron
    - her orchids will go along to the new place. Some will be left behind, and the fertigation system too. Arrangements had been made who will handle what's left behind.
    - of course there will be new garden there with seeds/seedlings from Tanah Merah...

  6. keats...
    - it's alright to be a little bit humble. As we get older, life will take a different turn when all modern facades/dressings/make-ups/add-ons start to fade off, and the nakedness of being ordinary start to show it's true identity.

  7. Malar
    - orchids will travel in a lorry.... of course they need time to recuperate...
    - I have no idea how the new garden will look like...

  8. I like those ordinary flowers - bunga tahi-ayam

  9. Tabib...
    - yea... So many ordinary things in life. Bunga tahi ayam...even kueh tahi itik ... Kueh cakar ayam...kueh batang buruk...

  10. Bangchik and Kad Dah, I wish you both all the best in your new place. And I know that wherever your garden is, it will be a success! Take care!

  11. Kitchen flavours
    - thanks... All hardwork; packing, unpacking then arranging. I hope the new garden will come out nice...

  12. azizulazrin
    - thanks..., lets see how time and stamina show kindness on us.


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