Friday, March 3, 2017

crotalaria pallida as landscape element

Crotalaria pallida was primarily grown as nitrogen fixer and cover crop in plantations in the early days before mucuna bracteata and a few other legumes become popular. For small backyard gardens like ours, crotalaria pallida  is  both useful and suitable. Its very manageable and neat.  If it grows too tall and leggy, it wouldn't mind a bit of pruning.

I will recommend  crotalaria pallida to anyone, 
as cover crop and nitrogen fixers 
and it has beauty to match. 

Pic 1: Crotalia pallida alongside Mengkudu
Three crotalaria pallida  at the edge of mengkudu tree.  
Lighter green of crotalaria soften 
the extremely rich green of mengkudu

Pic 2: Crotalaria Pallida in rows  as companions
to a few banana trees
(not visible in this picture)

_____bangchik and kakdah_____

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