Friday, March 10, 2017

Pigeon Peas - Kacang Dhal an adventure

The interest to grow pigeon peas began over the last two years,  as we were beginning to get hooked on permaculture.   I bought the first batch of pigeon pea seeds through ebay. The seeds came from Thailand, which share similar climate like ours; hot, humid and wet. 

Two trees died during monsoon season in tandem with reports I read about pigeon peas don't really like water log.  The rest are still growing, two in Putrajaya Backyard Garden, another four in Seri Iskandar Home.  However none seems to be flowering after 1 and a half years. The seeds packet mentioned about maturity period of about 160-180 days which adds up to 5 to 6 months.  So what went wrong with our pigeon pea tree?  Lets see if the dry spell of March and April can induce much awaited flowerings. 

Last month, while searching for early maturing variety, I came up to etsy online. 50 seeds altogether, it was suggested  to grow them at shorter intervals, 3 feet apart.  Once these little seedlings toughen a little bit, they become my hope of pigeon peas flowerings and fruiting. Before the end of the year, some conclusions can be made about backyard pigeon peas cultivation.  

I have been successful with sorghum and sunn hemp, who knows pigeon peas will not end with dissappointment.

pigeon pea seedlings of early maturing variety

Pic 1: pigeon peas seedlings, early maturing variety

Pic 2: pigeon peas seedlings, early maturing variety

pigeon pea trees, One and a half year old

Pic 3: Old pigeon pea tree at the backyard

Pic 4: Old pigeon pea tree at the backyard

Pic 5: Old pigeon pea tree at the backyard

Pic 5: Old pigeon pea tree at the backyard

Pic 6: Old pigeon pea tree at the driveway

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  1. sejuk mata memandang, geram tgk akak punya pokok2

    1. Sekarang dah kurang menanam pokok, sebab akan pindah ke Seri Iskandar Perak bulan Oktober nanti .

  2. Wow! The plant have grown up so much! Hope you get a lot of pigeon peas soon!

  3. Looks great! this is nice and this article is very helpful
    thanks for sharing


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