Thursday, December 17, 2009

Bamboo a treasure.





where I grew, Pantai Remis, Perak

Now, I am back, two weeks earlier than scheduled.  One month and a half absence is over. For the moment, I may not be able to write new things about the garden or the adventure I had gone through with Kakdah. I am nursing sore heels and legs and adjusting to the old hot and wet weather. The adjustment will be over in no time I think. I am presenting the memories of the old days for today's post.

Among us, we call these buluh buncit. The more appropriate name is buddha belly bamboo. To be more scientific, lets call these bambusa ventricosa. My late dad went over to Langkawi to visit his youngest brother Pak Su some twenty years ago, and he brought home a bamboo cutting. The bamboo grew ever since. They really look like an army of swollen bellies...

I grew up here, in a place called Pantai Remis. The old house is still there. The bamboo still standing, guarding the old house and the memories..... Notice the white sandy soil?... yea, it took me a while to realise that not all earth is sandy!!

Putrajaya, Malaysia.


  1. Wonderful bamboo! I have never seen this variety before! Thank you! Speedy recovery to your heels. Carol

  2. The bamboos look great. Looking forward to hearing about your trip.

  3. Bangchik, welcome back! Pantai Remis reminds me of delicious sea food. Your old house will make a good romantic, holiday beach house for you and Kakdah. Here's wishing you a speedy recovery.

  4. My husband remembers making kites with bamboo.

  5. Welcome home! I hope you had a pleasant trip other than the sore heels :)


    Thanks for the visit and comments. I am glad to be back home, breathing the familiar air, hot and wet air. Both of us can hardly talk suffering from coughs and cold and running nose as well.. haha.

    The sore heels and legs are recuperating well. We just came back from the store, to get things to fill up the almost empty refrigerator. Even rice is running out to the last cup.

    The garden really look miserable, unattended for a month and a half. Yeop, the eldest son, mentioned about watering the plants when it wasnt raining, but he forgot about the plants at the porch. Grass is almost knee high. I assumed he was keen on other things as well, while enjoying his semester break, other than looking after the garden. Not many boys of his age are keen to look after gardens!

    Yea, bamboo has to be the most versatile plants in the tropical areas. Rice can be cooked in it. Lemang, a local hari raya standard item is best done in lemang bamboo. Creative people will make useful basket to carry vegetables. It can be used to store and carry water around. Furnitures, huts, fences are some of things that will find bamboo an interesting building item.

    Someday I will write about the trip and share with you here. But not too soon.

    I went around the garden today, cut the grass, pull out overgrown weeds etc. Then I saw a colony of red bugs hiding behind the leaves of roselles and lemon grass. That will be the next post.....

    Putrajaya, Malaysia

  7. i am writing the blog about bamboo home decor , from those photos, i inspire that the bamboo is a sort of wood alternative too!

  8. We have two bamboo plants, outside. Yes, they survive our winters and we love them.


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