Monday, December 21, 2009

The red bugs are at it!

They grow rather quick. The other day, most look rather like babies with bulging bellies. But now some has thinned out and have fully grown wings. They start to pair off and they don't wait too long. They are at it right in my garden and right in front of me, and the camera!
With their fully grown wings, soon they will fly off to a new place to start a new colony with lots of red babies. I think....



One has bigger belly, so that must be the female,... Hmm, I could be wrong.

~ bangchik
Putrajaya, Malaysia


  1. Great shots but I am well off bugs these days. What damage do these ones do?

  2. They are quite pretty in their red dresses - but they damage the lilies, don't they!

  3. Hopefully all of them move house before they do any damage to your garden. Looks like the original one has become a grandpa or great great granny.

  4. While I am not a fan of bugs of any kind, I have to say these are pretty cool, though I wouldn't want them taking up residence in my garden :)

  5. bugs now. :-)
    They sure are pretty. Red is my favorite color.

  6. Tsk Tsk Naughty little buggers LOL ;)

  7. they are all pretty cool, specially the colors my fave...

  8. Excellent photos - perfect for Christmas. It's all about love, anyhow, right?


    Thanks to those who have visiting this little blog and double thanks to those who love to share their thoughts and leave comments behind.

    I did a casual inspection and noticed that the bugs dont venture out too far, all the while within the perimeter of lemon grass and roselle plants. Lemon grass remains steady, not in many ways disturbed by these bugs. Roselles are getting old, less productive and there are signs that these red bugs munch our roselle leaves.

    Its alright because roselle plants are getting old anyway. If that's the way nature sets for early departure of roselle, with the help of red bugs, I do understand.

    The colour is definitely interesting. Red with lines of white and dots of black. Huh!!

    About Love, hmm..., I am not too sure JGH. For a minute, I thought love remains very much exclusive for human race. Yea, maybe we have to be very generous and allows other species to exhibit and display whats LOVE all about. But animals seem to be very precise about what is to be the ultimate goal of "love" or "love making", that is to produce babies and extend the existence of that specie deep into the future...

    Cheers everyone


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