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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Second round for coconut husk as edging



Coconut husk as edging has been the regular feature of our little garden here. It doesn't provide modern and cosmopolitan feel of course, but it blends well with the surrounding and introducing rural look within our garden.

We use these  extensively as edging for the vegetable bed. The plants, sweet potatoes had been pulled out and allowed to dry and decompose while we are planning for the next crop. The one around the big ginger  plant (lengkuas) had performing well, creating really cool environment for the ginger.

And the coconut husk will go a couple of rounds before it start to decompose....



  1. Great idea - Love the look of this!

  2. I like this natural kampung look.

  3. So pretty and great idea. Question is where to find the husks.

  4. Hi Bangchik,
    Missed your posts. Glad you are back.
    I thought that coconut looked great as edging. Good use!

  5. Seems a perfect use of your coconut shells and I like the look very much!


    Thanks again for the drop.

    The husks look good in a way, they sort of block the grass from getting into the vegetable bed..... but very rural or "kampong" in our own language. Huh.., Tatyana went to extent of saying it as EXOTIC..

    Lisa of Ocean Girl. Start talking to friends who may have relatives staying in kampung then start talking on coconut husks. Or you may want to stop your car as you drive along the coastal road of Terengganu, Perak and Selangor. Just ask anyone...... you may end up with car boot load of coconut husks. for Free!!

    But there are factories all over the country shredding husks to bits, mix with soil and sell them as gardening soil.

    If you are serious about it Lisa, Kakdah may be able to help you, I am sure....

    Lets go organic.

  7. Morning Bangchik, I do like the coconut shells as edging, very natural looking. Your ginger plant is beautiful!

  8. Thanks Janet. That ginger plant is growing, but the shape will change from time to time because occasionally an inch of its tuber will be cut to add flavour to Kakdah's menu!!...

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