Monday, November 22, 2010

Ten Ulam Raja make it to the ground

Ten Ulam Raja are making the new garden their home. They are transplanted to the ground as the second pair of true leaves get stronger. Friends coming to the house have a good laugh seeing white string from end to end, which looks like a construction work going on. The ten ulam raja deserve to be treated well on neatness, straightness and precise space in between. Using string helps in digging and transplanting, and also as a reminder to everyone not to step on the new babies.

 the right end

 the left end.

ulam raja on the far right.

 a closer look at ulam raja.

I hope they survive through the rainy season.



  1. cantiknya tanah kat tpt bangchik... area rumah Maria banyak pasir... pokok kurus je :)

  2. Bangchik, better get those babies under shelter, they wont stand a chance under the onslaught of our monsoon rain! Did you manage to get all yr plants from Putrajaya to Tanah Merah? I see that you have bigger area for yr garden here...soon it will be green with veges and flowers! Happy Gardening!

  3. The Ulam Raja are so tiny now...very fragile looking! What exactly is a Ulam Raja? If your monsoons are anything like the ones in the southwest USA, a lot of hard rain would come in a very short time...pounding the earth. I am familiar with the string for marking rows and spacing plants...learned it from my parents...some plants grow better if planted according to time honored tradition.

  4. Ulam Raja, nice to have it with "sambal nyior", seems that new place, new adventure to test new plants, have a nice gardening bangchik, excited to know what next..

  5. Good to see your young Ulam Raja seedling! Hope to see more!

  6. Wow, Bangchik, I already love what you have started with your garden! A true gardener at work! Hope the plants grow well and healthy in their new home. Enjoy your gardening!

  7. The tanah is really merah... lol

  8. What is this plant? I've never heard of it and I'm curious about it. Happy gardening and good luck with it!

  9. eja~ tidak cantik sangat. tanah merah tu jenis melekit.

    p3chandan~ i just want to fill up the place with some strategic landmark. I hope they survive.

    Theanne and Baron~ ulam raja is a variety of cosmos. the leaves are taken fresh as salad over here. Monsoon here is heavy, i mean really heavy!

    wancuyan~ with sambal nyior, ulam raja is exquisite! there will be many more plants to move, but i just wonder how will this weather play with the seedlings..


  10. Malar~ there will be more, i can assure you. But some would be washed out during monsoon rain.

    Kitchen flavours~ i am trying to understand the weather here especially the heavy monsoon rain which come pouring down. Growing plants need to consider that. But many seedlings are waiting to get into the garden right now....

    milka~ yes, really red! but there is no more gold over in pasir mas!

    jeanne~ ulam raja is a variety of cosmos. It is a popular salad taken fresh here.

    tanah merah, kelantan Malaysia

  11. bang chik...nak benih ulam raja.........saya swap ngn abg benih kacang panjang renik.

    1. tinggalkan alamat dalam email


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