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Friday, November 19, 2010

Weeds and wildlife around us.

 a pair of merbuk
looking for grass seeds

burung ciak

 the plant crawls up the fence 
with beautiful yellowish white flower.


feels so much at home on mimosa.

tanah merah, kelantan


  1. isn't nature a marvelous much to see, even before your beautiful garden begins!

  2. I always let in a corner of my garden, a little wildlife. And I look how the grass grow and what insect visit that corner.

  3. Have fun replanting a beautiful garden!

  4. Theanne and Baron: Weeds and wildlife are there all the time. We dont have much time to see and view them.

    Ellada: It is sweet of you to allow nature taking its own course on section of the garden.

    Aaron: It is both fun and tiring, to start from scratch.

    tanah merah, kelantan


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