Sunday, November 21, 2010

A sunset over Tanah Merah

For a house, there is a term called verandah which is a section jutting out of the main building, meant as a resting place. There is another term called balcony also with similar  function.  I was standing on that section of the house watching as the daytime was about to end.

front left.

It rains here almost everyday, and it is going to be heavier soon as December is coming near.
The sky tells everything.

tanah merah, kelantan Malaysia


  1. Dear Banchik, Beautiful sky pictures from your new verandah. I love the one tinged with pink. Pam

  2. So sorry, Bangchik, I just spelled your name wrong. You have an interesting name. Does it have a meaning? P

  3. Enjoyed the sunset pictures...especialy the one that was only clouds with pink from that last glimpse of sun. How lovely to have a verandah or balcony...I have a small patio at the back of my apartment, I'm hoping to have flowering plants and perhaps a veggie or two growing in pots!

  4. Bangchik musim tengkujuh lagi ke sana? My in-law in the east coast said there are lots of flood in few areas. Hope yours not effected. I wanted to share some of my home-saved seed like evening sun sunflower or calendula if you like to grow them. You probably have many seed collection as you are an avid vegetable gardener. Anyway, email me if you like some for your new garden. (

  5. Beautiful sunset! Yes, it has been raining over here too, with thunder and lightning, but not everyday, thank goodness! Are your garden going well as planned? Enjoy!

  6. I'm not sure if you're looking forward to the rain, but those skies are just breathtaking.

  7. Awesome shot!
    Yes, it rain alot in east coast! My hometown is in Pahang so i know how the " musim tengkujuh" behave!

  8. I can't believe it rains nearly every day! Great pictures.


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