Friday, March 4, 2011

Blooming Friday: Big and Small

From the same mother plant, sunflower seeds never guarantee they will develop and grow big as their mother.  I wouldn't wish to explore on the issue of nature versus nurture... but plants are telling us something, that they don't wish to be taken for granted, they don't want to be identical to their sisters, they want to be counted. Each one is unique! Four sunflowers in a row... three is visible but the fourth wish to stay back, stay low and hide away behind ulam raja bush.

Four Sunflowers:  3 full blown, 1 hasn't opened

medium size

the biggest sunflower

 An orchid and Santalia
We paid MiL a visit yesterday, taking along 5 grape seedlings as promised earlier. Flowering season was at its peak there. A big orchid, and little flowers attracted our attention. They contrast well on size, big and small, and yet they were not envious of one another.

Orchid and little flowers

Orchid and little flowers

Each is beautiful, big or small. 
How well they complement with each other, 
the big and the small flowers.
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Bangchik and Kakdah
Tanah Merah, Malaysia


  1. Your MIL orchids are pretty and the sunflower looks very cheerful and cute.

  2. Fantastic sunflowers.
    Orchides we only have in doors.
    Lycky you that can have them in the garden.

    Have a nice weekend

  3. Super gorgeous post! I adore sunflowers..such a visual treat..thanks for sharing all this beauty today! Wonderfully inspiring!

  4. Always admire your big beautiful sunflowers Bangchik. I still cant find a suitable sunny place in my small garden to plant new round of seeds given by you and Diana. Except my backyard which was already cemented. I dont like the idea of planting sunflowers in pots, they need plenty of space to grow well.

  5. Delightful blooms! The sunflowers are really lovely, they are certainly an eye catcher! Your MIL's orchids are very pretty. I only have one and it has not flower for several months now, hopefully soon!

  6. Lovely orchids! 5 grape seedlings in exchange of 5 orchid plants?

    Thanks for the offer on drawing the plan. I don't intend to trouble you. Just kidding.

  7. Sunflowers are a good role model to us.

    They always look towards the bright side of the world.

  8. Sunflowers are my favorite flower...and yours are delightful, big and small! Your MIL's orchids are beautiful...I've never tried to grow an orchid...perhaps they would not love me anymore than African Violets do :)

  9. Such pretty sunflowers to cheer up your garden.
    The orchids are lovely as well.

  10. The orchids are beautiful - we can only grow them inside

  11. I have an orchid on my window sill. Not sure where it grows in the wild, but pleased to have it bloom a second time under my care. Hope your new garden flourishes!

  12. Wah...pretty sunflowers...hope I can have one soon too...=P Btw, may I know which variety is your sunflower? I'm just starting to learn about planting sunflowers...the only seed variety I can find from my local supermarket is called Cutting Gold...the picture on the packet showed a dark center flanked by yellow petals though...^_^

  13. Heisann!
    Interesting and beautiful flowers for this week's theme.
    Have a nice weekend ;:OD)

  14. Beautiful orchids! And sunflowers:)

    Take care!

  15. Lovely flowers you have. The sunflowers are like small suns. Lena/isis

  16. Hi Bangchik,
    I've awarded you the stylish blogger award! Visit my blog for more details :)

  17. LOVELY!!! The sunflowers are so gay and the orchids are so pretty.. such picture incite me to go to my garden and make something out of it.

  18. How tall are your sunflower plants? You get seeds from them?

  19. ~Malay-Kadazan girl: Thanks, she has been keeping orchids for decades. Lot of big trees, so the place is shady, a haven for orchids.

    ~Gunilla: I wish sunflowers grow taller, but 4 - 5 feet is alright.

    ~Kiki aka Victoria: It is fun with sunflowers, how they adore the SUN, and keep looking at it. Once the flower set and the neck hardens, it just stays there.

    ~p3chandan: I tried pots once in Putrajaya. They grew tall and healthy with full sunlight after noon.

    ~kitchen flavours: Thanks..., as always sunflowers are eyecatcher. I want them taller and bigger.

    ~One: Five grape seedlings were given free. But remember I took away her daughter!!... aha.

    ~rainfield61: Yes, and nothing hurts them. They just put on the biggest smile everyday!

    ~Heather at Dusty Bay: Thanks..., flowers are nice and soothing.

    ~Theanne and Baron: Orchids are simple plants, they dont need much to grow.

    bangchik n kakdah.

  20. ~Rosey: I wish I grow more to brighten up the garden.

    ~Green Lane Allotments: We never put them inside.

    ~Sara: Most orchids in the wild grow on trees, very aerial and never set foot on the ground. However there are some which grow on the ground.

    ~tooey2010: 3 years ago, we bought seeds from the supermarket. I cant remember what type. We keep saving seeds until today.

    ~Vilt og vakkert: Thanks, beautiful flowers lighten up our days...

    ~Madame C: I will grow more sunflowers to make the whole place even brighter..

    ~Lena/isis: Sunflowers are real sun lovers, or like rainfield put it, they always look at the brighter side!

    ~SeaBlush: Oh, thanks for the award. I will rush to your site.

    ~Food so delicious!: Thanks..., they are okey so far, but sometimes seedlings just push up to a foot and flowers.., so tiny.

    ~Ann: When everything is alright, they will grow to about 4 - 5 feet. On sad occasions, they barely make it to 2 feet.

    bangchik and kakdah
    Tanah Merah Kelantan

  21. Sunflowers are always my favourite, and the orchids are pretty too. Beautiful big and small.

  22. ~milka: Thanks, sunflowers being beautiful and a constant reminder to "always look at the brighter side", as Rainfield put it.

  23. It's the same with people, isn't it? Children are never exact copies of their parents - each one is an individual.
    -Those Orchids are just lovely!

  24. Katarina
    Yeap, billion people with billion specific faces and characters. and plants too...

  25. Sunflowers always have cheerful face regardless small aor big! I just can't wait for mine!!!
    Your MIL should be a good gardener too! lovely flowers!


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