Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Ubi Badak, getting out of purple world.

It must be the exciting purple colour that prompted me to grow ubi badak, apart from the ever growing curiosity about local plants. Now there are four of them growing, two with trellis, the other two by the fence. The shoots of ubi badak is everything about freshness.

Arief came over the weekend and made a tour around the compound. He recognised ubi badak at a glance. Six months he said, before ubi badak can be harvested. A few days later Nik, Heim and the rest made a stop here. Nik added another point on ubi badak. Gardeners tale over here mentioned about using ashes to speed ubi badak rooting.

How do I treat ubi badak at this stage?... Ubi badak is like any other climbers. Watering and fertilising is standard for any plant. I will give what they need, I am pretty sure they will reciprocate with big a- few- kilos sized- tubers by the end of the year.

 ubi badak 
(March 2011)
climbing to the top and crawl along trellis.


  1. Keledek ungu tu isinya purple juga? The one that DH bought the other day sure looked like the picture in the previous entry. When cut, it looked the same too.

  2. Looking forward to seeing Ubi Badak!

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  4. Hi Bangchik, our planting season for ubi badak (yambean, Dioscorea spp) is during the rainy season starting in May, so ours are already mature in Dec. My plants are already dried and i can see the tubers but we dont harvest yet because we still cannot cook it. So it is now undergoing curing in the soil. Do you know that the young tops are also eaten, i heard it from an old man here. However, i have not yet tried it.

  5. Your plants look healthy.Is it a sweet potato plant? I am looking forward to your post of the tubers:)

  6. Can the shoots be eaten?? Hmmm... by the way, this is the usual purple sweet potato rite??

  7. Ubi badak foliage remind me of daun sireh.

  8. I think the white variety taste better than purple- sweeter, but maybe the purple has antioxidant bcos of the colour ?

  9. i amsterdam
    Ubi badak ungu isn't keledek ungu. Ubi badak is a vine, climbing as high as it can, whereas keledek is a crawler, crawling as far as it can. Ubi badak is big like boy's head.

    Theanne and Baron
    yeap..., end of the year.

    I heard about the shoots being edible, but haven't tried yet. Curing in the soil?..., so much to learn about ubi badak.

    different from sweet potato. ubi badak is big like our own head, a few kilos each. Very starchy.

    Food so delicious!
    Sweet potato is a crawler, a dwarf. Ubi badak is a vine, a giant!

    The Cast
    Ubi badak is a kind of Yam.., therefore yummy!

    Malay-Kadazan girl
    Resembles sireh well.... I have sireh in a few pots..( sireh emas)

    I like the purple better, because of its attractive colour.


  10. hi! i'm looking for purple ubi badak. do u know where to find it within Selangor area? urgent..



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