Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Kangkong, the easiest.

A stretch of dry spell got me worried. Luckily rains come the past few days, to cool things down. Kangkung which is the easiest to grow, had produced enough leaves to be harvested. When Kakdah did fried kangkung menu with belacan, I can tell you, nothing was left!
 Kangkong is the local name for water glorybind, water spinach, water convolvulus and swamp cabbage. The stem is hollow, the character is very much vine in nature, with the ability to crawl and climb. I may not allow them to grow until flowering , not this time. How fast they grow these kangkong. They were all  tiny, last month when I posted  Three rows of vegetable bed on the 18th of February.

first harvest
first harvest

3 rows of kangkung
By the look of it, we may go for a big harvest soon, to share with friends and neighbours. When they start getting too tall, the slender stems cant hold, ending with all of them crawling which will look very unsightly.

Bangchik and Kakdah
Tanah Merah Malaysia


  1. Bangchik, Happy you've had rain and that your Kangkong was delicious! It does grow very fast...a good thing when you're wanting to eat more!

  2. Bangchik your kangkung looking so healthy, must be your secret liquid fertiliser! I already harvested mine for kangkung belacan the other for pecal. Emmmm..delicious!

  3. My kangkung have started crawling...maybe I should harvest them all..

  4. Kangkung love the rain!
    What a co-incidence...i blogged about kangkung too!

  5. I love kangkong too, there are actually 2 varieties: one growing on swampy areas on water and the other is the upland variety, with smaller stems and not too viny. We prefer the 2nd called Chinese kangkong or upland kangkong because the 1st variety absorbs heavy metals from the water. So if we are not familiar where they are grown, upland variety is better. Do you know that East-West Seed Co sells 15 tons of seeds in Philippines alone? That's a lot of upland kangkong. I think yours is the upland type, because it grows on land.

  6. I just love to eat kangkong when I have my nasi lemak.
    They are just so delicious with the sambal and ikan bilis.

  7. They look so cheerful and tall welcoming the rain. I have already harvest ours several time, hoping it will flower soon before the cold weather comes.

  8. Kangkong belacan...yum yum...^_^ your kangkong looks so green and 'juicy'...=P

  9. Bankchik your kangkung looks delicious. Fried with belacan? Oh my favourite! I grow mine in the pot, not much i get from the first harvest so i cooked it with soup (soup? huh?? haha- not bad also lar!). After looking at your kangkung patch, i think i must free out a raised bed for kangkung only next time.

  10. Your kangkong are fabulous! I've got to try again since my first batch got destroyed by my neighbour's cats!

  11. Theanne and Baron
    Typical characteristics of most plants with hollow stems in the way they drink water. Rains save them.

    we haven't tried pecal yet, may be soon. the secret liquid fertiliser will remain secret, until i got it patented!!... aha.

    we should not allow them the pleasure of crawling.. just cut, I think they will sprout new shoots somehow. or just pull out for the next crop.

    Oh, too many coincidence between us. aha...

    Huh, no joke, with 15 ton seeds sold!!... kangkong grow so fast, and every gardener should have a corner somewhere for kangkong.

    James Missier
    Yeap, kangkong blends well with a lot of menu. So soft when boiled, I guess stomach can digest easily.

  12. Dirty Girl Gardening
    Yes, tasty indeed. Cooked, they are even tastier!

    Malay-Kadazan girl
    Just wonder if kangkong taste different in your place...

    They seem to love the black netting i put on top.....

    So far, kangkong is the easiest to grow. Seeds germination is 100%. A good veggie to grow, i will recommend to everyone.

    kitchen flavours
    make the place wet, so cats won't come near to scratch and leave their poo.

    bangchik and kakdah


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