Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Sambung nyawa, gynura procumbens

It was during monsoon month in December that Kakdah put a cutting of sambung nyawa or gynura procumbens in the ground, close to lemon grass.  It took a while before it kicked and grew. Now it doesn't seem to need me or Kakdah. It just grow and grow. That is the first time we ever grow sambung nyawa / gynura procumbens  in the ground.  Tasty as salad , isn't restricted to us gardeners, grasshoppers had acquired the herbal taste too. There are holes and jaggered edges, but not many.

Sambung nyawa, gynura procumbens: on the ground.
And this the original plant, brought along from Putrajaya home.

Sambung nyawa, gynura procumbens: in two large pots

When asked about sambung nyawa giveways, Kakdah mentioned names like, Maselamah, Farah, Fiza, Zah, Ha, Wanzek, Amin, Ya, Li, Nor, Yi ..... There could be more, she said. Gynura procumbens is easy to propagate, cuttings with a few nodes will  root and produce shoots within a few weeks.

bangchik and kakdah
kebun sayur tanah merah

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  1. I have this plant in my garden. It makes a great groundcover and as combo plant with others in a flower pot.

  2. easy to grow.. but beware of 'siput' and also 'lintah bulan'.. they love it.. i grow in my aquaponics set and they do well, away from siput but lintah bulan make me trouble.. hehee

  3. i like eating this as ulam..it is believes can reduce high blood pressure too

  4. Very good groundcover actually! Never taste it before but i think it must taste good that even grasshopper wants it!

  5. ~Autumn Belle
    Great, I may put sambung nyawa at some part of the garden as ground cover....

    we are lucky..., no sign of siput around here yet.

    ~My Treasure
    the name sambung nyawa indicates it's benefits. Yeap, I heard about its high blood control benefit.

    You should try it... tasty. you want cuttings?

    1. I am using it for control of high blood pressure. Dont know if it will work. But for diabetes, it definitely work!

  6. Oooo don't even know if I've ever eaten this! Very interesting!

  7. ~Mrs Bok - The Bok Flock
    you probably had eaten it....

  8. I have never heard of this plant before, may have seen it, but never knew about it! Interesting!

  9. What an excellent plant for salad! And apparently has other wonderful uses too!

  10. kitchen flavours
    This gynura procumbens may not be as popular as ulam raja... hmm, but it could just be a shade nicer. You must try...

    Theanne and Baron
    Multipurpose plant indeed, as ground cover, as combo plant as salad with health benefit, and on my part an extremely remarkable plant giveaway!

  11. Ooo.. never heard of this plant. Let me go check it out at our local nurseries.,, if I can get, I will most likely plant it.

  12. Sambung nyawa... what an attractive name... have not tried its taste yet...

  13. ~Food so delicious!

    Good to grow them. As ornamental, they are attractive, as salad, they are unbeatable...

  14. This is interesting. I am not familiar with the plant. Thank you for sharing.

  15. eden
    You can start asking around and get one for the garden. Salad and natural high blood control all in one!!


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