Sunday, May 1, 2011

Helping local university students out over Roselle.

Miriam, a local university student emailed me asking for roselle seeds. I have no idea what's the seeds for in the beginning. I don't suppose she bought a new home and wish to green the place. I posted a packet, she hadn't received yet. The eagerness brought a group of them to our home. Kakdah showed them roselle plants and the fruits.

They are doing entrepreneurial program on roselle growing. I heard they are given an acre to do it... Growing roselle and other downstream business activities like jam and juice. Good luck to them

Miriam talking to Kakdah 
and the rest busy picking up seedlings.

He picked roselle seedlings

roselle seedling

I threw a few old fruits under ulam raja. 
Quite a number of seedlings there

Kakdah entertained them. Questions after questions

They left home with roselle seedlings and seeds and a few tips.

bangchik and kakdah
tanah merah home


  1. What a big project for them to work on one acre. Good experiance for them doing fieldwork. Lucky them got to visit your kebun. I wish I can drop a visit to someday.

  2. Wah so meriah la your garden. So good they get the right person to teach them the all the how-to :)

  3. Yay! bangchik and kakdah,
    I've been wondering if anyone would like to have the volunteers sprouting in my garden. Of course mine aren't Roselle but I've got loads of tomatoes and Jack Be Little pumpkins and marigolds.

  4. Malay-Kadazan girl
    I told them, I am not an expert, no experience growing more than 9 roselle plants. But I know roselle's tantrums.

    I am a lousy teacher la... I hope they managed to get the essence of growing roselle.

    Huh, I have been trying to germinate marigolds.. until recently, thanks to Malay kadazan girl giveaways of fresh marigold seeds.


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