Monday, May 2, 2011

GROWING KIWI : Checking stock.

Growing kiwi is experimental. I dont think we can grow everything here in Tanah Merah. For the seedlings to come to this stage is more than achievement..., but the inquisitive mind of a gardener wish to see more. The stem is soft, definitely not hardy like grape vines, not yet at least. They are in a shady area, probably 40 percent sunlight. I cant imagine if they are placed outside under full sun, they could be fried to death within hours.

I am thinking of allowing them to stay in polybags til the end of the year, getting taller and stronger. Then they must play outside in the field, a lot safer with the initial cool monsoon climate, before things get hotter!

Thirty five seedlings now. Yaacob, a friend from Behrang asked for a few the other day. I said,  Let them grow stronger and hardened a little bit, then they may be able to fend themselves against nature, and travel.

bangchik and kakdah,  Tanah Merah home
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  1. That sounds like a good idea to get them toughened up before getting them into direct sun.I like how you are experimenting to see what will work better in your new location.

  2. Tahniah bang chik kerana telah berjaya mentunaskan biji kiwi... Nanti kalau sudah berbuah jangan lupa melaporkan kepada kawan-kawan..

  3. Experimenting is learning. Good to try when the itch is there to discover more. Good luck with the kiwi. I love the fruit:)

  4. Is the climate in Tanah Merah cool like the highlands? I wish you good luck in your Kiwi venture!

  5. Lona
    Kiwi needs sun and cooler weather. We can offer such weather to kiwi... Some shade and some light is the best we can offer.

    P.E da legend...
    Nampak macam kena tunggu bertahun untuk kiwi berbuah. Ni baru sejengkal. Ada baki biji benih dulu kiwi simpan dalam peti ais. Semalam Kakdah bagitau, semua berlumba-lumba keluarkan akar...

    Keats The Sunshine Girl
    I am dreaming of kiwi orchard now ... picking fruits!..

    Autumn Belle
    weather here is hot.... Seedlings seem to enjoy the shaded portion of front porch.

  6. Healthy looking Kiwi Seedling! You planted it from seeds or cuttings? Looking forward to read about the plant progress

  7. ~malar
    germinate from seeds..., you can look at my earlier post Friday, March 18, 2011. I don't know where to get kiwi cuttings anyway.


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