Monday, May 16, 2011

Teacher's Day / Hari Guru 2011 ~ 16th May 2011

A Special Teacher

Teachers come and go
But every so often one comes along
That you’ll always remember
One who makes learning an adventure…
And who can still remember
What it’s like to be young
And growing up…
The kind who can make you
Want to be the very best you can be…
Someone you can really talk to,
Who really cares
What happens to you…
That person is YOU!
- Author Unknown
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 A special teacher will create ripples

Sungai Kelantan, rippling
Sungai Kelantan, rippling

Sungai Kelantan, rippling
Sungai Kelantan, rippling

Photos taken from the 7th floor of Grand Riverview Hotel, Kota Baru, on 13th of May 2011

A special teacher will help build characters and instill values

kiwi seedling

lettuce seedling

pak choy seedling

cabbage seedling

pak choy

1000 chili centil

ubi badak shoot

and in the hands of teachers, the children will bloom

Happy Teacher's Day
to Sam / Zambri / Yap / Mazalan / Sulong / Jumali / Marzuki / Radin / Fadilah / Shukran / Yusof / Bakar / WanZek / WanZul / Khair / Amir / Din / Zaman / Nair / Ong / Adnan / Zain / Azizah / Ramlah / Harison / Normali / Husni / Ali / Damaya / Sabari / Rosli / Aziz / and millions more.

bangchik and kakdah, from Tanah Merah


  1. It's wonderful to have a great teacher. Those seedlings look amazing.

  2. The plants are looking great as usual.Nice post on teachers.

  3. oh, i thot the sungai is rippling due to the unrest dragon in the water! Anyway im sure yr teachers will be proud of u and u yrself is a great teacher to all of us. let it be an engineering teacher, vocational teacher, agriculture teacher or whatever teacher, all teachers are premier! happy teacher's day.

  4. You're one of the best teachers I know...enjoyed your post!

  5. Wonderful post to celebrate Teacher's Day. Your blog gives us tons of good learning too:))

  6. meemsnyc
    Seedlings are like babies, beautiful, harmless and helpless. Children to teachers are like seedlings.

    Comeca Jones
    Thanks.... teachers are wonderful folks, remembered by many to the end....

    Grading "teachers" is rightfully in the hands of pupils / students. I love the intricacy of gardening, how parameters are interconnected which in the end put result to a level, that strengthen the meaning of "you reap what you sow"... I guess the same concept can be applied to anything transformational in nature... yea?

    Theanne and Baron
    Thanks and you too a great teacher. I share gardening, on views, observations and relation to life at large...

    Keats The Sunshine Girl
    Getting everyone in the right path is the role of teachers, equipped with technicalities of knowledge and the intrinsic values instilled. We owe teachers a lot. You, a great teacher too, keats!

    bangchik and kakdah

  7. Happy Teacher's Day to you too! You are a great inspiration to us!

  8. kitchen flavours
    Thanks.... I wonder what veggies are thinking of me when I tend to their needs and push them to the limits for the biggest harvest. They could have just said " what a cruel gardener!"... haha.


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