Thursday, December 22, 2011

carpentry work for garden use.

It is all about putting ideas together, and seeing it through. Carpentry work is my other passion. Who need 20,000 dollar equipment set to assemble wood and nail tight for a rough garden table. Just a saw, a hammer, a crowbar, a T-square, a pencil, a measuring tape, nails, and definitely some pieces of wood. The end product may not look commercial like ikea/parkson/giant/court mammoth/house of deco/ version, but it sure is useful to put pots, scoops, garden scissors, fertiliser, pails.... It is a garden bench with trademark bangchik

When I set it out, it will be done in a day..... with lot of nail banging, and ocassionally kakdah had to come out to hold wood, or whatever when my two hands were occupied. She is so used to it, but I wonder what neighbours thought of loud nail banging........ 

garden bench
 The other day, the contractor came to set up iron T posts and cloth lines.
 I persuaded him to get a few wooden pallets from the construction site nearby. 
He drove his van and brought back 5 wooden pallets. 

A sketch, a few hours work, loud nail banging, 
and the carpentry work is ready
wooden pallet is something like this

how i wish it to be known as bangchik's design

garden bench, lower shelf

garden bench

garden bench

garden bench

I manage to get two garden benches ready. 
A little bit rough, but it is alright. 
Kakdah had already mentioned about 
sloping garden rack for her orchids... 
another weekend, 
another carpentry adventure.

bangchik and kakdah
Johor Malaysia


  1. Your benches are functional and have rustic eye appeal! A job well done Bangchik! Pallets are such wonderful things to recycle...when I had a wood stove I even burned the wood from pallets!

  2. Those pallets i love a lot too. How i wish i have someone like you in the house. Our only male member is the youngest, 13yrs old. But I also do some carpentry work myself, but I confess I am not strong. Our area is not flat which is more difficult. Sawing bamboos to make stakes already gave me sore muscles! So as garden bench for the seeds sent by The Suburban Gardener from Illinois, i put some extra hollow blocks at two ends, put on top some wide extra timber i saw from our wood piles. There i got the bench, no hammering, no sawing, etc. Andrea's design! Merry Christmas and a blessed 2012 for you and Kakdah!

  3. I love carpentry work but am not good at it. Thankfully, my in law IS and has a BIG collection of tools at hand :) Haha, I'm always eyeing the pallets found near factories but am too shy to go collect them plus, its too big to fit into my car!

    Your benches look great, a lick of paint or varnish will make it into a very nice garden furniture too.

  4. A great job for garden! Kak Dah must be very happy with her new Orchid stands soon!

  5. Wow!
    This is fantastic.
    We have pallets free just down the street, but I've never thought of doing this.
    Great project.
    David/ Tropical Texana :-)

  6. I absolutely love the roughness of these benches. They will go great in your garden and you can mess them up without worrying too much.

    Great work!


  7. great idea there arelot pallets around here people throw them away.
    thanks for a great idea for a potting bench.
    I might try this one myself.

  8. Thumbs up! Bang Chik - BOLEH!

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