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Monday, December 5, 2011

Growing Chili centil in Johor.

We brought along fresh chili centil from Tanah Merah..., kakdah took out a few from the refrigerator  for her menu. It's almost a month now, there are still some available. Within the first week upon arrival in Johor, I took out fresh chili centil seeds and germinate the usual way. Soak for an hour or two, then wrap in damp kitchen tissue until they rooted.

It's almost two weeks now. After a month, they will be placed in bigger pots. Serious farmers would normally put one month old seedlings out into the field, but I would rather wait until monsoon is over towards the end of January.

  • Sow:-                               10 Nov 2011
  • Germinate :-                     17 Nov 2011
  • Transfer to bigger pots:-   17 Dec 2011
  • Transplant:-                       17 Jan 2012

Chili Centil seedlings (27 Nov 2011)

Chili Centil seedlings (2 DEC 2011)

Chili Centil seedlings (2 DEC 2012)

A few days ago, responding to Azmi's question where I got chili centil seeds, 
I said I will spare a few seedlings for him.  I am exploring who else is keen in gardening around here, to spearhead another  serious agro adventure in Johor Bahru. Growing chili preferably.....

bangchik and kakdah
Johor Malaysia


  1. Beautiful plants! So nice for you to share your seeds!

  2. I planted some chilli seeds yesterday and made the silly mistake of touching my face it was on fire.
    I found out you put lemon juice on the area and it removes the heat.
    lovely Looking plants

  3. Theanne and Baron
    - Yea, its always the case, we have more than enough, always some spare for others.

  4. That's very healthy seedling! I guess another rooftop gardening on the way in Johor!

  5. Bonitas plantas.Tendra una buena cosecha de chilis.
    Un abrazo.

  6. Kami selalu ada lebihan biji benih centil F1 kat sini, sms add kalau perlukan.

  7. Good luck to those little seedlings!

  8. cathy@home
    yea, the heat will take sometime to go away...

    - not rooftop. just ordinary lowland gardening.

    ..thanks they are still growing nicely.

    - nanti kalau kami perlu, kami bagitau.

    - they need all the lucks.

  10. wah, bestnyer tgk all the seed become bigger. sum nie staf PIS, i love gardening...


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