Saturday, March 17, 2012

putting colours to the garden.

Hibiscus is the earliest to be planted, with the rest of vegetables late last year. It somehow adds colour to the garden. The flower is creamy  with red in the middle. There bound to be one or two flowers blooming everyday. That will attract kakdah attention as she ventures into our vegetable garden or as she walks up to the cloth lines situated at the far end.


hibiscus / bunga raya

Although there isn't much colour to look at, I do find it intriguing how the cornsilk (hairs at the top of corns) change colour, from white to brown as it gets older. Humans do the reverse, grey hair towards the end....... 

sweetcorn / jagung manis

young sweetcorn / jagung manis muda

I have been delaying putting seedlings into the garden. To start with, marigolds don't attract Kakdah attention as much as roses.  I have to decide myself where to put, since marigolds are not in kakdah's list of treasured items. Finally the matured seedlings end up in a row by the edge of our large vegetable bed. The stakes are for protection, not against animals, but our grasscutter!!

a row of marigold


I will keep adding colours to the garden,
 to lure Kakdah more often
 through rows of vegetable beds.

bangchik and kakdah


  1. color will surely draw her in! your garden is looking marvelous!

  2. Theanne...
    She sympathize flowers more than the veggie... flowers must have strong magnetic field to keep attracting her...


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