Monday, March 19, 2012

Harvesting Kale or Kailan

I had two rows of kale growing. They were doing fine without any real sign of pest bites. I had a choice, taking one or two plants as necessary for Kakdah's menu, or pull out all of them. Then we decided to pull out all, and shared with neighbours. The closest neighbours are Sharifah, Laili and Mumtaz, each got their share... Kakdah wrapped them with old newspaper and distributed them. She joked with Laili "Akak jual kailan ari ni...."

Kale harvest.

too many kale, some fell off

The two rows of Kale / Kailan... now no more.

Our little garden somehow evolves
 into an interesting social focal point 
around the neighbourhood.  
It's kale now, 
and something else next week

bangchik and kakdah


  1. I love kale, but I had an infestation of aphids this year that attack the swiss chard and eventually moved to the kale. I didn't get as much as you did, but I did enjoy some. Wish I were one of those lucky neighbors of yours!

    1. carla..
      gardening is an involved activity, as much as brisk walking or jogging. gardening offers more..., friendship, community involvement.

      Hopefully you get more the next time.....

  2. I love gardeners who share their produce with the neighbors! Now your neighbors will always be interested in your garden and what it's producing!

    1. Theanne...
      They already are involved with our garden. Whenever we have to be away..., they will look after the plants.


  3. I like the kale, I make the kale soup sometimes.
    Your harvest is great.

  4. What a great harvest of Kale. Mine is a little bit behind yours! Enjoy!

    Happy Spring! Mindy

  5. Nadezda
    The Ebullient Gardener
    i amsterdam

    ~ menu with kale is always stir-fried.
    ~ It's nice to share among neighbours...., when we don't have a million dollar for charity, sharing vegetables every now and then, would probably give the same effect.... a good neighborhood, a good community....


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