Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Thumbs up to chili harvest.

I have a few brothers, one is Azman or pakteh to the nieces and nephews. The whole family came last weekend. They gave thumbs up to the marvellous experience of chili harvest at the backyard. The price of chili had been stable at RM14 per kilo.

pakteh and makteh, thumbs up.

they were having fun

The 2000 chili project is coming to an interesting phase. Growing, fertilising, getting rid of pest and watering begin to be less pressing, as the team get used to the whole process. Marketing is a new thing for most of them, but Aina  and her friends manage to walk through, creating new contacts, opening up new opportunities. They are learning to serve more and more regular customers.  

The next  project will be more challenging as they are now planning to participate in MAHA 2012,  The International Agriculture, Horticulture and Agro tourism Exhibition to be held  at  Malaysian Agro Exposition Park Serdang from Nov 23rd to Dec 2nd. They are putting quite a high business target to deal with 3 million expected visitors.

bangchik and kakdah
my little vegetable garden


  1. Ohohoho....... Itu pendedahan terbaeekkk bangchik, MAHA 2012.


    1. follower: Lambat lagi, harap team berkenaan rancang betul2. Pokoknya ialah "passion".

  2. Bangcik.wah the 2000 chili is ready now, rs mcm baru jer u talked about it ..anyway syabas, moga murah2 rezki.....

    1. ummuaidan:.....
      chilie is quickie!
      Two months they are ready to ooze monie!!

  3. rm14 sekilo... dah banyak tu dapat jimat terutamanya kepada penggemar sambal belacan.

    1. shafirul suffian:.... kalau beli sikit2 dipasar, seringgit atau dua, kita tak perasan sudahnya harga sekilo boleh jadi 20 ke 25!

  4. Congratulations on your harvest, it is wonderful to have family to help, especially when they come with such nice smiles :)

    1. rosemary:..... educational field trip to the children, i am sure they learn a lot. Their smiles warm kakdah's heart.

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