Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Chili after 3 months

red and green chili

The last time I wrote about chili was in March. After three months, chili plants are still growing. But the general health is weakening, leaves are wrinkling and chilies begin to come out with various awkward shapes. They are still hot and spicy, to heat up any menu that requires them. That was among the last chili, before I did some heavy fluffing around the plants and  added poultry fertilizer to the hungry plants. A few branches were cut, leaving the stronger stem and branches.

flowers emerging


heavy with buds and flowers

After a couple of weeks, the plants are kicking with zest and energy. Buds and flowers are everywhere. I hope the little branches can withstand the weight of chili as they develop further.



  1. I think it is too cool here for chilies and peppers. My peppers are so small and puny, I don't think they will amount to much.

  2. They even have a spicy and zesty look to them :) They look very healthy.

  3. Oh the red one is so beautiful, I love that shade! We have one chilli plant that was forgotten about and has produced a lovely little chilli even though it is still in a very very cramped little seedling pot! So determined to grow!! - I am sure yours will be the same, plus they are loved haha.

  4. Keewee.... I guess you are right about chili being tropical in character, therefore not too happy in cool climate. But we can always simulate a condition best for them. A greenhouse, somewhere in the kitchen... Generally chili come in with 2 main variety; small and big. My present chili is the small variety. The little fruits are forever small, never bigger than kakdah's little finger.

    Poetic.... Their health level varies over time... The worst moment is after a serious attack by aphids.., you can almost feel the pain as the leaves wrinkle...

    Carrie.... Determination to grow exist in most plants. In the wild, they grow without men and women. They survive on their own. We thought they do better by looking after them well, and creating the best condition for them. In the end, they are so pampered and spoilt... Haha..

    Marie... They are hot. And any menu is never complete without chili.

    Thanks.. Have fun gardening.. Bangchik

  5. Hot and spicy chilies! I guess Kakdah have some special recepi in mind for the chilies! ;-))

  6. That's fast again. For those who likes to have chilly with their meal, it's really nice to have a chilly plant in the garden.And I am sure your family does :-D

  7. Malar.... Chili is always in her menu.. And sambal belacan of course.

    Stephanie..... Most malays and indians live with chili.. Haha... I heard, even chinese now begin to like sambal belacan..

    Rebecca... Chili as always, hot in look and taste..

    Thanks, and have a nice day.

  8. Aaron.... For chili I won't say yumm, "hottaaa" fits better! Bangchik


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