Sunday, March 21, 2010

The eggplant after the first.

Two eggplants

the fruit.
it does look a little bit awkward.

The first eggplant displayed deep  purple colour  as it grew big and matured. 
The first has ended in Kakdah's curry on one of the many Sundays. Now the two plants are busy sprouting light purple flowers and ballooning the fruits. Two good bugs in the form of ladybirds had made the eggplants their home. They crawled slowly on top of the leaves. I am guessing that these two bugs are doing me a favour by cleaning up the leaves of dust and minute pests.......Fertilizing is done by placing a spoonful of poultry pellet fertilizer six inches away from the base on weekly basis. 

a ladybird doing some cleaning,
another one on a different leaf.

Precaution is not to over-water them,  and water only the soil, not the stems and leaves... I do spray liquid fertilizer and immunizer I bought more than a year ago. For convenience sake, I spray every Saturday morning on the leaves , the stems and branches.

So far so good.

~ bangchik
Putrajaya, Malaysia


  1. Yum! I love eggplant. Yours looking great!

  2. What a lovely post, the thought of eggplant curry has my mouth watering, it is one of my favorite dishes.

  3. Ladybugs are not pests to your garden? If they arent...i would be very happy...bcoz I always see them in my garden.

  4. We call them aubergines in the UK. I've tried growing them for a few years, but was only successful last year, and I didn't do anything different so I don't know why. It's lovely watching the fruit swell.

  5. I've never grown an egg plant before - thats good information for anyone growing one in the ground - especially about the chicken manure - or as we call it here - rocket fuel!

  6. Bangchik, So it's chicken pellets... that's your secret to such lush vegetation and fruit! I cannot grow eggplant and since it is in the night shade family I cannot eat it either! Which means I would have had to pass on what I imagine was great curry! ;>)

  7. Marilyn Jones ~ Thanks, eggplant has fruits so rich in colour..., its almost a gift!

    Rebecca @ In The Garden ~ curry with eggplant is mouth watering as you said. A special curry with thick gravy, sweet in taste is called PAJERI.. nice.

    UmmiRosma ~ That is the current understanding about ladybirds or ladybugs, a friendly pest.

    Jo ~ You call them aubergines in the UK, we call them terung in Malaysia. It must be great to have aubergines growing after a couple of failed attempts.

    leavesnbloom ~ poultry fertilizer I used is in pellet forms. Rocket fuel?.. hmmm the gas is enough to send rocket to the sky I guess.

    Carol ~ I would not point the health level of our vegetables solely due to the poultry fertilizer pellets. It helps but there must be other factors in play.


  8. I doubt that's a ladybird. Ladybird is the the one with bright red color with black dots. The one shows in your pic looks very familiar to me. There's lots of them on my plants here. Ladybird look alike but with dull orange color. It's is called Asian Lady Beetle. Although it's claimed to be beneficial insect by some, I've seen em bore holes into my plant leaves.


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