Friday, July 1, 2011

oxalis triangularis and fern

Placing potted fern in the middle of two oxalis triangularatis, I dont know which should steal the show. Fern has always been exotic in nature with its beautiful leaves, but oxalis triangularis comes in colourful, with deep purple butterfly look  leaves. If we look closely there is a hint of red somewhere within purple leaves. Whitish stems and pale pinkish flowers place oxalis triangularitis within the category of being exotic too. Both plants just grow..., and they don't react too much with poor watering and fertilising.

Putting them in line, I wonder which one looks better or
they simply complement each other as a package.

fern in the middle, flanked by oxalis triangularis

The combination of strengths will complement each other 
and balance out individual weaknesses 
which will lead to overall enhancement 
of the team.

bangchik and kakdah, 
Tanah Merah Garden


  1. Beautiful! The colors and textures really look gorgeous together.

  2. They look beautiful together! Like in typical rain forest!

  3. Purple, green and a little pink spraying out like that... I like!

  4. I am always interested in finding plants that are happy growing together. These two look good together but I think they may be weeds here.

  5. I love oxalis triangularis, so pretty. It looks good growing with the fern.

  6. I think they complement each other. Great pairing. -- Bom

  7. Yes they compliment each other, but in our property they are weeds, and we have lots of them so we pull them out, just like Caladium, Amaryllis, etc. Now our cycas has lots of seedlings and we consider them weeds, so i am giving them out to someone who needs lots of them, maybe for landscaping in the future.

  8. I think they definitely compliment each other. (Like husband and wife?) Very nice!

  9. There really look so exotic.
    Dark & mysterious - sort of brings a romantic feel.

  10. Thanks for the visits and comments. As always, weeds in some part of the world, and ornamental in some other parts. Gardens offer room for all plants a space in a manageable way... and allow them to live in the most harmonious way....


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