Monday, February 25, 2013

World Kite Festival 2013, Pasir Gudang.

Pasir Gudang Johor Malaysia
23rd February 2013.

Both of us went out to Bukit Layang-layang with Syed Shik just after lunch to see for the first time, the18th Pasir Gudang World Kite Festival which was held from 19th to 24th February 2013. This internationally acclaimed event has been hosted since 1995. Estimated 15,000 people turned up that day according to Mr  On Jabbar ,  the mayor of Pasir Gudang. It was an event which had enjoyed continuous coverage by Malaysian media.

We loved the colourful event very much.

_____________T h e       k i t e s_____________

foto 1: the big kite.
foto 2: the kites

foto 3: the kites

foto 4: the kites

foto 5: the kites

foto 6. the kites

_____________ Gudang World Kite Festival 2013 _____________
ceremony graced by DYMM Sultan of Johor

smiling youngsters

Traditional Gendang or Drums

DYMM Sultan of Johor, Dato Khaled , On Jabbar, Dato Ali and Dato Obet.

The police

The police

The police

The crowd

The contingents and a man can be seen running for something

The band

DYMM Sultan of Johor leaving. The policeman just closed the door.

DYMM Sultan of Johor leaving and waving to the crowd

__________Bangchik and Kakdah__________
Pasir Gudang

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  1. Kami dari Kuantan pun curi-curi waktu bawak anak-anak bersantai di Pasir Gudang. Memang sangat berwarna warni!


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